Winter Hardscaping for Your Asheville Home

Like most residents of Asheville, NC, you probably appreciate the fact that the winters are not very cold. Although you likely experience cool, wet, and partly cloudy weather, the temperatures average a low of 28°F. Because you won’t regularly lose your outdoor living space to snowdrifts, you can take advantage of your patio most days.  

This is why creating a paradise in your own backyard may be an attractive option. You can choose among the hardscaping projects that enhance the outdoor living space, personal happiness, and increased property value you desire. The end result is a beautiful, low-maintenance, long-lasting outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.

Because the North Carolina soil is old and more porous than most other mountain forests, you need to work with a licensed contractor with substantial experience installing local hardscaping. They can accommodate these conditions when installing your natural stone retaining walls, patio, or other projects. 

Why Should You Install Hardscapes during Winter?

Building permits typically are easier to obtain in Winter. Because there tend to be fewer homeowners starting hardscaping projects, you should be able to begin your project in a shorter amount of time. Waiting until spring can mean a significantly longer wait to receive the building permit and start enjoying your hardscape design.

Your landscape is much more protected during Winter than in other seasons. Because your grass, plants, and shrubs are dormant in cold months, they receive less damage during a hardscaping project than they would in other seasons. The same amount of protection is used when installing natural stone during the winter months as other times of the year, with less repair time needed. As a result, your projects look beautiful when spring arrives.

With the colder temperatures, you and your family likely aren’t on the lawn as much. This makes Winter a perfect time to install hardscape designs. Since you probably aren’t entertaining outside, there is plenty of room for construction equipment and workers to install your hardscapes.

Although every season in Asheville is beautiful, you aren’t able to admire blooming flowers and plants during the cold season. What you can admire year-round is your hardscaping. These projects add beauty to your yard and remain attractive every day, no matter the weather.

Western North Carolina winters tend to be mild. This makes it an optimal time to install a hardscape project. As a result, you can enjoy your natural stone fire pit, outdoor fireplace, patio, outdoor kitchen, or other hardscapes longer.

 Why is Hardscaping Important in North Carolina?

Ashville’s wet climate and porous soil make erosion common. In addition, the mountains are susceptible to winter rains, and the trees don’t always take up enough groundwater. This often causes water to run down the mountains.

If your home is on a slope, excess rain and snow can build up and cause long-term damage to your home and property. Fortunately, proper landscaping and hardscaping can protect against this issue. Patio and retaining wall construction are commonly used to mitigate the results of the sudden water volume and the force it carries toward your yard.

You can further reduce the impact of excess water on your property by installing natural stone walkways. These can serve as waterways to guide stormwater away from your home. The walkways also create pathways to move about your backyard. As a result, less mud should come into your Asheville home.

Natural stone hardscaping complements the design of your home and the materials used in it. This helps your outdoor space feel like an organic extension of your living space. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Asheville in Winter as with every other season.

How Do You Maintain Your Natural Stone Hardscapes in Winter?

Because natural stone is highly durable and resistant to winter weather, upkeep is minimal.

Use a sealant with grit mixed in to create an anti-skid surface. This is ideal for increased traction in your walkways, steps, and other high-traffic areas.

If you typically experience snow and ice, have a quality de-icer on hand. Choose one with CMA or potassium chloride, or use sand to keep your natural stone walkways, steps, and patio clear and safe.

Avoid using a metal shovel to clear your natural stone hardscapes, which can damage the surface. Choose a shovel with rubberized edges instead.

 Contact Ambrose Landscapes for Your Winter Hardscaping Projects

The expert contractors at Ambrose Landscapes have the necessary credentials and licenses to install your hardscaping designs this Winter. They also have years of experience working with the steep slopes and mountain terrain in Western North Carolina. Talk with a hardscape contractor today about your hardscaping needs and goals.

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