Will Hardscaping Add Value to Your Asheville Home?

Hardscaping adds man-made features like stone walls and fountains to your yard. The results of hardscaping can undoubtedly bring out the best in your home’s curb appeal while giving you some added functionality with pathways, patios, and pergolas.

When it comes to your Asheville, NC home, you want your yard to look beautiful while taking into consideration the surrounding landscape. This area is famous for its lush greenery and mountainous landscapes that provide the best of what nature has to offer. Hardscaping professionals in Asheville know how to blend the area’s surroundings with practical features when they hardscape your yard.

But did you know that, aside from adding beauty to your Asheville home, hardscaping can also add value? By adding even a few hardscaped elements to your yard that serve a purpose and boost curb appeal, you could significantly increase how much your home is worth now and in the future.

How Hardscaping Can Add Significant Value to Your Asheville Home

Whether or not you’re considering selling your home, increasing its value is never a bad thing. Raising the property value of your home will only net you more of a profit in the future if you do decide to sell, and it could help you get rid of your private mortgage insurance sooner.

Hardscaping is one of the best ways to raise your home’s value in Asheville because:

It addresses common Asheville yard issues.

Like most areas, this North Carolina region isn’t without its problems. Unfortunately, Asheville’s landscape challenges, such as slopes, can hurt your yard and your home’s value if they’re ignored for too long.

Hardscaping offers a wide range of remedies for common issues Asheville homeowners face with their yards, such as flooding. Walkways made from porous materials allow water to pass through them and back into the ground to prevent flooding and, therefore, keep your yard intact.

It adds more living space.

Most homeowners would love the idea of adding more living space to their homes, but that’s not always possible to do inside because of cost and building restrictions. Hardscaping your yard can give you a gorgeous and useful outdoor living space that’s just right for entertaining, relaxing, or getting some quality time with nature.

Outdoor kitchens and pool areas are especially helpful for increasing your living space and home’s value, but there’s no need to think too big to get more from your home. You can add a concrete patio, a stone fire pit, or a cozy seating area for a more modest value boost without costs adding up as much.

It adds curb appeal.

If you are considering selling your home at some point, its curb appeal is going to be a crucial factor in determining its selling price. What your potential buyers see upon arrival can make or break a sale before they even step foot inside your home.

Landscaping elements can help beautify your home’s exterior, but so can hardscaping features. A paved driveway, for example, looks much cleaner and tidier than a sand or gravel driveway. A curved stone pathway leading to the front door can be just what your yard needs to look a little more welcoming.

It helps the environment.

The right hardscaping elements – like rain gardens and retention ponds – can recycle water back into the ground where it belongs, keeping your yard free from flooding and the environment a little more protected. Virtually anything you do to help the environment can increase your home’s value.

How Much Value Will Hardscaping Add to My Home?

How much of a value boost you get from your hardscaping project largely depends on what elements you choose to add and the area in which your home is located. In many cases, the more useful and attractive features you add, the more significant value increase you’ll see. It’s not uncommon to see jumps by tens of thousands of dollars just by hardscaping your yard.

The hardscaping company you choose can make a difference, too. Professionals who are local to the Asheville area know what works best to increase property values in the area. They’ll also understand how to work with the mountainous North Carolina landscape to give your yard the most practical and beautiful features.

If you’re interested in learning more about hardscaping your yard and what it can do for your home’s value, you can contact us today for a free quote.

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