Why The North Carolina Arboretum is My Go-To Place of Inspiration

I think most business owners have someone or something – an idea, a book, a photo, a place, or a memory – that sparked their desire to start their business in the first place. Beyond that, there’s something that also keeps it going and inspires them to turn their business into the best possible version of itself it can be.

As the owner of Ambrose Landscapes, I, too, want to make my business a success. But I don’t want to be known for having a ton of customers or bringing in high revenue. I want to be known for being reliable, being someone that my customers can trust to stay current, and having a hand in every single project my business completes. And there’s a place that inspires me to do just that: The North Carolina Arboretum, one of the most serene and incredible places I’ve ever had the opportunity to visit.

Inspiring My Work

I head out to The North Carolina Arboretum almost every day if I’m free. I mostly go to ride my bike on the trails for my knees, fitness, and heart health – you know,  maintenance exercises for the daily bending and kneeling the jobs require. But the more time I spend there, the more I realize that exercise isn’t my main priority; it’s to get into the woods and air and to see the streams and the water and the leaves and as regularly as possible. It’s in these moments that I feel most connected to the natural landscape of North Carolina, which is what my whole business is built upon.

What’s exceptional about this particular place, though, is that it blends everything unique about North Carolina’s biodiversity. This mountainous region of NC is home to so many diverse plant species because of its location and climate, which draws in people from all professions who are interested in it. During more than one class at the Arboretum, my instructor has run into his or her instructor. We were all there for the same reason: to take in all that nature has to offer at the Arboretum. Authors, professors, scientists, and other people involved in the natural world gather there, which is incredibly useful and inspiring for me as a fellow professional who incorporates North Carolina stonework and plants into his everyday work.

Inspiring My Business

What most people don’t know about my connection to the Arboretum is that it moves beyond sparking design ideas and visualizing how different elements can work together to create what my customers want. The Arboretum also symbolizes how I want to run my business and what I want it to be known for. To me, a successful business means having a connected, down-to-earth owner and team that works with the customer every step of the way, and the grounds of the Arboretum remind me of how to stay involved through every step.

I use the metaphor of a kitchen window to explain this to others. I don’t want any clients looking out the window and seeing me on the phone with something that doesn’t have to do with their job. I want every client to know that when they get Ambrose Landscapes to do the stonework that they both my business partner Rafael and I, out there checking on it, coming and going. The whole structure of the company is to keep me in the field no matter how successful we get because that’s where I feel I can do the best job. I don’t want to ever have so much success that it takes me away from being out front at someone’s house when they look out the kitchen window. Being outside at the Arboretum, being next to the earth and the water, mirrors how I want my company to run and to look to others. Put simply, I hope to be seen on site as a worker who remains a student.

By visiting the place that motivates me to do my very best work, I know I’m transferring that inspiration onto my customers. I’m giving them the very best of my ideas and my work because I took the time to study designs, concepts, and layouts at one of the very best places I could possibly gather that information. When they look out their kitchen window, they’ll see my team and me putting all those pieces together to bring their vision to life. 

Everything I love about the Arboretum is clear to see the moment you step onto its grounds. From my personal life to my professional life, the Arboretum has had a hand in shaping many aspects, which is why I give it so much credit. Take a look at some of the creations my Ambrose Landscapes team has put together from start to finish, and you can bet that those designs were inspired by my time on the trails or walking through the gardens.

If you want to see what Ambrose Landscapes can do for you, please contact us today. We’re happy to provide a free quote for your project. 

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