Why is Stormwater Management Important in Asheville?

Picture it: A beautiful new home in the mountainous area of Western North Carolina, known for its gorgeous scenery, relaxing environment, and mild climate. Your home is nestled right in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by abundant foliage and wildlife, yet within a comfortably charming community.

That’s the atmosphere in Asheville, a vibrant city in a prime location that’s making newcomers flock to the area. As much as homeowners love the city, they should still be aware of potential issues that could affect their homes. One of the most prominent? Stormwater.

What is Stormwater Management and Why Is It Important?

Stormwater management refers to corralling water from rain or snowstorms into its proper places, rather than allowing it to run down roads, hills, or into homes, causing catastrophic flooding in its path. Without professional stormwater management systems, stormwater is free to go where it pleases; often, that’s right into your yard or basement, causing potential water damage to your home.

Over the past few years, Asheville has seen a rise in stormwater issues, mostly because of changes in weather patterns, population boosts, urban development, and outdated stormwater management systems. Together, these changes have left a significant impact on the average homeowner. Some homes that have never experienced flooding are now seeing water issues.

When proper stormwater management systems are in place, Asheville homeowners should see drier streets and lawns with little to no flooding, which can prevent residential water damage. Equally important is managing stormwater in a sustainable way that catches water runoff efficiently, removes pollutants, and allows the water to recycle back into the ecosystem rather than be wasted.

Stormwater Management in Asheville

Since Asheville is an area that can have a significant amount of rainfall through the spring and summer months, it’s especially crucial for homeowners in the city to understand the necessity of stormwater management and how it can impact their home. Here are a few points to consider about stormwater management if you’re a current or future Asheville homeowner:

Being Proactive is Best Practice

Asheville has become much more developed over the years, which is terrific for the community. Unfortunately, more buildings, homes, roads, and driveways mean less natural landscape for stormwater to run its course and absorb back into the ground. It’s more important than ever to help nature move water by ensuring that every new home or building in Asheville has an efficient drainage system for stormwater in place.

We know that not everyone will have the opportunity to get stormwater management taken care of before they move in. However, if it’s at all possible for your schedule and budget, we highly recommend having professionals look at your home and inspect its current stormwater management features to see if there are better techniques for keeping your home dry.

Remember: Stormwater Management Can Be Beautiful!

When you think of controlling stormwater around your home, you probably think of unsightly drainpipes, sewers, and other features you don’t necessarily want to look at. Although drains are often a necessity, you might be surprised by how well professional landscapers can blend stormwater management features with your home’s natural landscape and other beautiful additions, like stones and shrubs, to seamlessly blend everything together.

Hardscaping elements using natural stones, like stone steps, paths, and walls, work well with Asheville homes because they work with its landscape. They also help control stormwater runoff by draining water where it needs to go – away from your home – while also camouflaging the pipes and drains that keep water moving. Adding local flora lends even more beauty while also giving some of that water a useful place to go.

Choose the Right Professionals

Understanding what type of professional to hire for your stormwater management project is the ticket to success. In most cases, professional landscapers are the best people for the job.

In Asheville, hiring landscapers who are well-versed in hardscaping, in particular, can help you get just the right look for your home to create both an efficient and eye-pleasing drainage system. But, don’t rely on just any professional to work on your home. Your landscaper should be licensed in stormwater management, pest control, and naturalism to ensure that your natural landscape isn’t harmed in the process.

Finally, make sure that every professional you work with obtains necessary Asheville permits and is up-to-date on Asheville’s ordinances regarding stormwater management, which you can review here.

Are you unsure about your home’s current stormwater management situation and would like a professional to check it out? It’s crucial to get your home’s drainage taken care of as soon as possible to protect one of your most valuable investments. Don’t hesitate to contact Ambrose Landscapes today to learn more about stormwater management and take back control of your yard.

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