Why Is Landscaping Important in Asheville?

Many Asheville homes are built on slopes, causing your yard to feel like it doesn’t function the way you want. When homeowners choose to add landscaping to their home, it can provide function, but it also adds beauty and value to your Asheville home.

Asheville’s weather can cause mud and excess water, but hiring a professional landscaper can help create a beautiful backyard escape which helps you maintain your yard with ease.

Will Landscaping Add Function To My Asheville Home?

If your Asheville home has a muddy backyard, adding hardscaping can provide function and beauty to your property. Ambrose Landscaping can provide custom stonework for your yard. We’d work with you to design your ultimate escape.

Hardscaping can create a patio for entertaining, shelving for plants, a walkway to a stream on your property, or a water feature.

If you choose to add hardscaping to your backyard, this can create a clear pathway for you to walk around, without getting mud on your shoes. Hardscaping can also help level your backyard, giving you more functional space.

Ask your landscaping team to create a gathering space to place a table and chairs, so you can enjoy outdoor meals with your family and guests, without having to sit in grass filled with bugs or placing a table on caked mud.

A landscaper can also plant trees around your stone patio to provide shade and cool down your backyard during hot Asheville summer days.

The right landscaping and hardscaping will lower the amount of maintenance you’ll need to do regularly in your yard.

Will Landscaping Add Value To My Asheville Home?

Adding landscaping to your front or backyard (or both!) will add value to your home. In the real estate world, they call this “curb appeal.”

When it’s time to sell your home, lush greenery and unique stonework attract buyers to your home.

Choosing to landscape the front yard makes your home more inviting. Landscapers can construct a hardscape walkway to your front door that creates a welcoming path to your home.

“Realtors® understand that a home’s first impression is its curb appeal, so when it comes time to sell, a well-manicured yard can be just as important as any indoor remodel,” said National Association of Realtor’s President Elizabeth Mendenhall said on the organization’s website. “Even homeowners with no immediate plans to sell can gain more enjoyment and satisfaction from their home by taking on a project to revive their outdoor spaces.”

John Gidding, host of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” and Logo TV’s “Secret Guide to Fabulous,” told The Washington Post that a homeowner would get a 150 percent return on their investment when landscaping.

If you are on a tight budget, ask the landscaper which types of hardscaping stones provide the best value. Custom stonework may be more expensive up front, but maintenance will be lower in the long run.

What Can A Licensed Landscaper Do For My Asheville Home?

Ambrose Landscapes will work with you to design your custom backyard oasis. Ambrose Landscapes has vast experience in the Asheville market, so our team brings the knowledge necessary to know what type of plants will thrive in Asheville’s climate and what type of stonework helps keep the mud at bay.

Our team has the necessary licenses and also provides expertise in Asheville’s landscaping rules and regulations to ensure your project is up to code and protect your property from Asheville’s wet winters.

Ambrose Landscapes can create a beautiful stone fireplace or fire pit on your patio for you and your family to cozy up to on colder Asheville nights. We’d choose shady trees that flourish in Asheville so you can enjoy the outdoors without overheating.

After we complete your project, you’ll, and your family can relax in your beautiful green backyard and enjoy Asheville’s weather regardless of the season.

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