Why is erosion control important around Asheville, NC?

The cold summer rain and snowy winter days are a part of Asheville, NC’s charm, but when that precipitation turns into water pooling in your backyard, it feels nothing but unpleasant.

Taking steps to protect your property before the next rain or snowstorm can help your yard look beautiful and be more functional.

What Is Erosion?

Asheville’s government website advises residents that “sediment is the loose sand, silt and other soil particles that settle at the bottom of a body of water. Sediment can come from the decomposition of animals and plants or from soil erosion. Erosion is the removal and transportation of rock or soil. Erosion can move sediment through water, ice, or wind.”

Any excess water can break down your property as it moves through your property.

Erosion can also happen when stormwater from Asheville’s rain or snow doesn’t immediately soak into the ground. The excess participation brings pollutants, ranging from pesticides and pet droppings to grease, oil, leaves, and litter into your property.

Why is erosion control important around Asheville, NC?

On your property, stormwater can flow down your roof, over your patio or deck, down your driveway, or other areas of your property without proper erosion control. If the flow is not controlled, it can cause permanent damage to your landscaping or property, creating not only a mess but a hazardous situation.

When sediment forms, it can even make its way to fill up storm drains and catch basins. These drains are designed to carry water away from Asheville’s roads and your homes. When the drains are clogged, it increases the chance of flooding, which can damage your entire neighborhood.

When sediment infiltrates stormwater, it degrades the quality of Asheville’s drinking water and Asheville’s streams. Sediment also endangers wildlife, such as fish. When their gills are clogged, it can affect disease resistance, cause stunted growth, and affect fish eggs.

Practicing proper erosion control can help prevent landslides and mudslides in Asheville. Erosion control also helps keep the soil on your property.

What Should I Do In An Erosion Emergency?

If mud or sediment overflows into a roadway, yard, or basement due to a weather event or unknown source, or there is illicit discharge into a city-owned storm drain, residents can call an on-duty officer to respond to the emergency.

How Can I Practice Good Erosion Control At Home?

A strong soil base is the first step in good erosion control. A soil base creates a stable foundation for natural soil erosion control.

But extra steps should be taken to protect your property.

Ambrose Landscapes can create three different avenues to effective erosion control on your property. We can use plant erosion control, dirt erosion control, or water erosion control.

With plant erosion control, Ambrose selects plantings that can stabilize any slopes in your yard and keep your soil on your property. We choose species of ground cover that grow well in the mountain climate around Asheville.

When using dirt erosion control, Ambrose Landscapes’ team will engineer designs with reinforced concrete walls. Dirt erosion control can be visually appealing and practical at the same time. The natural stone can double as seating or as shelves for potted plant displays or a shelf for serving food and drinks.

While the idea with erosion control is to keep water out, not all water is dangerous. Ambrose Landscapes can integrate waterfalls and ponds into your Asheville home’s property. If your backyard has a slope, Ambrose can turn it into a garden fountain. Fountains can help with water runoff, but also be a beautiful attraction in your yard.

Why Is Ambrose Landscapes The Best Choice For Erosion Control?

Regardless if you have a small property or a large luxury home in Asheville, Ambrose Landscapes will care for your property with the highest standards.

Less-experienced landscape contractors, or those without licenses, may choose erosion control options that are high maintenance or create a further liability in the long-term.

Ambrose Landscapes has become experts in erosion control through first-hand experience working in Asheville for years. Our certifications and licenses attest to our landscapers’ ability to evaluate your entire property and choose soil erosion control that works and add beauty to your property.

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