What You Need to Know about Natural Stone Water Features

One of the most common elements clients want to be added to their outdoor area is a water feature. At Ambrose, we specialize in a number of different water features created from natural stone. These yard elements are guaranteed to provide a peaceful and beautiful addition to any outdoor area. 

What is Natural Stone Hardscaping?

When most people think about landscaping their front, back, or side yards, they consider which plants they would enjoy and what type of ground cover would look best. However, this is only one aspect of landscaping, known as softscaping. The other landscaping element to consider is hardscaping, which involves all of the inorganic elements of landscaping, such as walkways, fireplaces, patios, decks, walls, and water features. Natural stone is one of the best material options when it comes to hardscaping and is a popular choice among those homeowners in the Asheville area.  

The Benefits of Natural Stone

Using natural stone for your hardscaping needs is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. First, stone is picturesque and keeps the hardscaping of your yard looking natural. Stone is also easy to maintain, only requiring a quick rinse with water after some of the more inclement weather Asheville experiences. Natural stone is also a readily available material that is easy to replace if needed. While small repairs may be necessary after years of use, another benefit of natural stone is its durability. 

The Benefits of Water Features

Adding a water feature to your outdoor space is a great idea for any homeowner. Water features add a magical, tranquil aspect to any outside area. They also cut down on noise pollution from nearby roads and cities. Water features have the added benefit of attracting wildlife like birds to your yard, and they increase the curb appeal of your home. 

Types of Water Features

There are many different kinds of water features available to clients of Ambrose Landscapes, and professionals work closely with clients to ensure their satisfaction throughout the process. 

Natural Stone Fountains

Natural stone fountains are one of the most common choices when it comes to outdoor water features. Fountains can take on many different forms, and the professionals at Ambrose create beautiful natural fountains that meet and exceed client expectations. The natural stone is brought to life by the water flowing over the material, creating the perfect outdoor atmosphere. Natural stone fountains are a great option for any homeowner in the Asheville area. 

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are another specialty of the contractors at Ambrose Landscapes. These waterfalls help to create a sense of movement within an outdoor area. Because these waterfalls are pondless, they negate drowning risk, making them safe for families with children as well as the elderly. Pondless waterfalls also eliminate the potential for issues with insects that ponds and standing water can create while still enticing other wildlife, like birds, to take advantage of the water. 

Natural Stone Water Walls 

Water walls are an excellent option for homeowners with yards on the smaller side and those who wish to conserve outdoor space. Water walls send rivulets of water down an artistically created wall into a reservoir filled with rocks, where the water is pumped back up to circulate over again. Water walls can be created in a variety of different colors and patterns, as can all natural stone water features created by the professionals at Ambrose. 

Natural Stone Patterns and Colors

Clients are able to work with contractors at Ambrose Landscapes to make their natural stone dreams a reality. This includes the colors and patterns of their hardscaping needs. Natural stone is an abundant building material, meaning clients have an array of options when it comes to the colors, sizes, and patterns of the stones used in their hardscaping elements. Stone patterns can be incredibly structured, giving hardscaping projects a clean and organized look. Rustic stonework patterns can keep yards looking natural, allowing hardscaping elements to blend more easily into the outside environment. No matter the pattern you select, the work done by contractors at Ambrose is ensured to look elegant. You can also choose different colors for your stonework, opting for matching stone colors or a variety of natural colors available. 

What Makes Ambrose the Best?

The professionals at Ambrose Landscapes have decades of work under their belts and work diligently with clients to bring their ideas to life through natural stonework. Safety and client satisfaction are the main concerns of our licensed contractors at Ambrose. 

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