What You Need to Know about Natural Stone Steps

Adding decorative stone steps to your Asheville yard transforms the look of your landscape. The enhanced beauty and functionality let you take in even more of the natural environment surrounding your home. Natural stone steps make your border, hills, and slopes easier to navigate. They integrate with the aesthetics of your yard and hold up to the changing North Carolina weather. 

Natural stone steps often get noticed before anything else on your property. Their elegance and practicality balance to make the steps an essential part of your yard. You, your family, and guests can easily move about your property, regardless of the steep slopes or other natural formations. This provides greater access to your garden, fire pit, deck, patio, or other outdoor living areas. It also increases your property value. 

If you have a flat lawn, you could add mini-steps to go with an elevated outdoor kitchen or outdoor living room. Elevation keeps dust, dirt, snow, and water off the paved floor surfaces. 

What Are the Best Materials for Stone Steps?

Natural stones are best used to add outdoor steps to your North Carolina home. The organic materials are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and can last a lifetime. Flagstones, granites, limestones, bluestones, and sandstones come in a variety of colors that resist fading. The stones can be cut to the desired size and made smooth. 

You may want simple stones laid on a foundation such as compacted soil or concrete to enhance the beauty and stability of your landscape. Or, you might choose mortared stones to increase the stability of your steps.

What Are Some Design Options for Front Stone Steps?

If you live in a mountainous area of North Carolina, dry stone steps provide a solid, comfortable way to access your yard over diverse grade changes. You may want your steps to appear to slide out of a drystone wall.  

For a yard with gradual slopes, you might want your natural stone steps to be spaced out enough to keep a steady walking rhythm. Including flagstone landings is an effective way to let water permeate to the soil rather than runoff. This lets the water soak down to the roots of your plants, helping them grow. 

Sandstone also provides sturdy, wide steps with a predictable, consistent rise to easily move around your property. The steps can provide access to your garden or outdoor living spaces. You might even want your steps to integrate into a sandstone retaining wall.    

What is the Best Way to Clean Stone Steps?

Gentle care should be taken to maintain your natural stone steps. This includes sweeping and spraying them with a hose to clear away dirt and debris.

For organic stains from leaves or bird droppings, mix ½ cup of household bleach with 1 gallon of water. Next, scrub the area with the solution to clean the stains and prevent them from returning. Then, use a clean cloth to mop up the excess bleach solution. Finish by rinsing with clean water.

You may notice efflorescence or a white or gray deposit of salts that form when water evaporates from stone surfaces. You can wait for the issue to go away on its own. Or, you may purchase a commercial efflorescence remover from the store. Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous area before using it on the rest of your steps. 

How Much Do Natural Stone Steps Cost?

The price for building organic stone steps depends on the size of the stone and the type of application. Other factors include your yard’s slope integration and excavation, any unique obstacles throughout your lawn, your soil’s ability to support your desired natural stone, and the stones themselves.

You should experience a significant amount of savings down the road because natural stone steps cost substantially less to maintain than other types of steps. Their resistance to the variable climate in North Carolina is why you see so many stone steps in Asheville.

Adding natural stone steps to your patio, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room, or other durable outdoor hardscapes enhances your personal connection with nature. You can use the outdoor steps to complement an existing setup or design a new one. Creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining provides a lifetime of lasting memories for you.   

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