What Are the Different Types of Porches?

Your front porch is one of the first things that someone sees as they approach your home. It can say a lot about your home. From simple, small porches to large wrap-around porches, there are numerous types that have unique qualities to offer.

Here’s a look at a few of the different types of porches to help you decide which type is right for your family and home.

Types of Porches and Their Features

The following are some of the most popular types of porches:

Open Porch

This type of porch is open, without any sort of enclosure or screens. It’s typically an elevated porch constructed on a concrete slab or wooden deck with a roof and open support structures. There aren’t any sidewalls on an open porch, so while it’s open and airy, there isn’t a lot of privacy with this style. This gives it a feeling of the outdoors, rather than the indoors.

Screened Porch

Screened porches have roofs and are enclosed with screens to create an area that can be enjoyed year-round. Because it’s screened, there is ample airflow, but insects and other critters are kept out. This type of porch is a great way to extend your living space, and you can customize the size to whatever you want.

Front Entry Porch

A front entry porch is attached directly to the front door. It’s typically small and only has steps leading to the door along with a small concrete or natural stone slab. While a front entry porch is simple, it does add a valuable aesthetic to your home’s entrance – especially when it’s constructed with natural stone. You won’t have room to gather and enjoy this small porch, but you can add decorative touches to enhance your home’s beauty.

Farmer’s Porch

This type of porch is found on a farmhouse-style home. Essentially, it’s a covered deck that looks toward the street. It’s a welcoming type of porch that is inviting to visitors. It features sturdy support beams and railings. A farmer’s porch usually encompasses the whole front of the house and can be elevated or at ground level. It’s an ideal porch for gathering with friends and family but may require extra upkeep due to its large size.

Rain Porch

A rain porch will protect you from the rain while you enjoy the outdoors. It features an awning that keeps you dry during rainstorms. The awning, or roof, extends three to six feet past the floor of the porch and dips down at an angle for further protection.

Wrap Around Porch

This type of porch wraps around the home, just as its name suggests. It may wrap around the entire home or just part of it. It’s a large porch that can accommodate different sections, each one used for a different activity. Wrap-around porches are covered and have a railing, and no matter what time of day it is, you can find shady areas to enjoy. Like the farmer’s porch, the wrap-around porch may require extra maintenance because of its large size.


This is a covered porch that leads up to the front entrance of a home. Columns hold up the roof. Porticos are typically an extension of the entryway, and they don’t provide space for entertaining. However, they are beautiful and give your home instant charm and elegance.


A veranda is a porch or platform with a roof that goes across the sides and front of the house and is usually enclosed with a railing. Aside from that, the porch is open-air. Most veranda-style porches are level to the ground, and they provide the ideal settings for outdoor entertaining and enjoyment.

Let Ambrose Landscapes Install Your New Porch

Whatever style you choose for your porch – small and cozy, one that goes around your home, or one that is designed to protect you from the rain – there are still many factors to think about. Your budget, the material used, color, and additional features are all considerations. As such, you should seek the guidance of an experienced designer and contractor to create the porch you envision.

At Ambrose Landscapes, we have hardscape experts who will help you design the porch you choose, prepare the ground to support it, and install your porch to your specifications. Let us help you enhance the look and the function of your front yard with your customized porch.

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