Transform Your Backyard Design with Natural Stone

Most homeowners want to make their backyard into something great. One of the best ways to take your backyard to the next level is by utilizing backyard hardscape design techniques. Hardscaping, along with landscaping, can create the perfect atmosphere to make your yard a place you want to spend time. There are many different ways to hardscape your backyard, with one of the most common materials used being natural stone. 

What is Natural Stone Hardscaping?

Landscaping can be separated into two subcategories: softscaping and hardscaping. Softscaping is what most people think of first when they think about landscaping: trees, shrubs, and the other plants that make your yard look pretty. In other words, softscaping represents the organic aspects of your yard’s design. Hardscaping, on the other hand, involves all the inorganic components that make up your yard, like pathways, walls, signs, patios, and fireplaces. Natural stone is a popular choice for backyard hardscape design ideas for a multitude of reasons and can help take a yard above and beyond. 

Why Use Natural Stone?

There are many reasons why natural stone is a great choice for your hardscape backyard design needs. 

  • Low Maintenance: Natural stone is a material that requires very little upkeep from homeowners, typically only requiring a rinse with water after inclement weather to remove debris.
  • Durable: Natural stone hardscaping requires no sealant or paint and ages well over time. 
  • Eco-friendly: Homeowners can feel good about their hardscaping choice, as natural stone is eco-friendly and easily recyclable. 
  • Sustainable: Stone is an incredibly prevalent material, meaning if your natural stone hardscaping ever needs to be fixed, materials are readily available for the job. 
  • Unique: Every stone is unique, making your natural stone hardscaping a one-of-a-kind creation. 

What Types of Natural Stone Hardscaping are Available?

There are numerous options with natural stone hardscaping, as stone is an incredibly versatile material that can be used in multiple applications. 

  • Signs: Natural stone signs are a great way to catch the eye of passersby and denote important information. Options for stone signs include street signs, house numbers, and entry signs around the home. 
  • Fireplaces: Stone fireplaces are a great option for gathering areas and give a beautiful ambiance to your yard while maintaining a natural appearance. 
  • Walls: Stone walls are both functional and lovely to look at. They can provide privacy and help maintain erosion on your property. 
  • Patios/Porches: Patios and porches are a great place to get together with friends and family when the weather is nice. Natural stone provides a clean and easy-to-care-for locale for get-togethers. 
  • Pathways/Stairs: Pathways and stairways create movement in your yard, and natural stone provides a wear-and-tear resistant option. 

Where Can Natural Stone Hardscaping Be Most Beneficial?

There are a number of areas of your yard where natural stone hardscaping may be particularly beneficial. Stone hardscaping makes the different areas of your yard easier to utilize and maintain year-round. 

Sloped Areas

Natural stone hardscaping is a great choice for sloped yard areas. Natural stone retaining walls and barriers can help homeowners avoid erosion and soil loss when compared to typical landscaping options. The use of natural stone also provides a one-of-a-kind look and maintains the appearance of a natural environment within the outdoor area. 

Tough to Grow Areas 

Most backyards have an area where typically landscaping just won’t work. Whether it’s insufficient soil, too much sun, or another reason, some areas just won’t allow for the growth of plants. These areas are a prime choice for natural stone hardscaping. Hardscaping has a way of making even the unplantable areas of your yard look pristine. 

Heavy Traffic Areas 

Most landscaping and gardening options are inadequate in the highly trafficked areas of your yard. Heavy foot traffic can quickly wear down grass and other ground covers. Hardscaping is an ideal option for maintaining areas where walking is a must within your yard. 

Walkways for Wheelchair Users 

Natural stone hardscaping is a great option for wheelchair users and the elderly, making backyards more easily accessible. Textured stone pathways can even out inclined ground and make it easier to traverse and maintain while still looking beautiful. 

Water Elements 

Water elements can add character to any yard, but standing pools of water can harbor pests and present a drowning hazard. At Ambrose, our technicians specialize in pondless streams and waterfalls, eliminating both the risk of insects and drowning risk, giving customers peace of mind that their yards are both picturesque and safe. 

Why Choose Ambrose Landscapes? 

Ambrose Landscapes serves customers in the Asheville, North Carolina area and has for years. Our hardscaping contractors have decades of experience and work closely with clients to come up with the ideal hardscaping solutions for each and every home we service. Customers are involved all the way from concept to final product, and we always keep budget in mind. Satisfaction is the goal at Ambrose Landscapes. If you are considering hardscaping your backyard in the Asheville, North Carolina area, give Ambrose Landscapes a call today to get started on your hardscaping journey. 

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