The Best Time to Hardscape Your Yard in Western North Carolina

Hardscaping elements can be some of the most pivotal pieces of your yard, breaking up greenery in an eye-catching way to allow for cozy walking areas and outdoor living spaces. When done correctly, your hardscaping will support your landscaping rather than overpower it.

Asheville is known for its relatively mild climate compared to closely surrounding areas, but it does still get heat waves, wet spells, and interference from tropical weather systems, primarily through the spring and summer months. These challenges can present a problem for homeowners looking to hardscape their yards, so knowing when the ideal time of year to hardscape a yard is can be beneficial for getting just the right look.

When is the Best Time to Hardscape in Western North Carolina?

Although you can, technically, hardscape during most times of the year, your project will likely run a lot smoother if you plan to start it in the fall, around September and October. In the Asheville area, the fall season is usually when you can expect the ground to be drier than it is over the summer, but not so cold that it’s close to freezing and challenging to work with.

Fall is also the perfect time to plant many of the shrubs and trees that’ll work seamlessly into the Asheville landscape. The cool air and optimal ground temperature make for ideal conditions for several of the plants you’d typically work into a hardscape. These plants tend to be hardier than others so that they’ll last through a North Carolina winter.

What are Some Important Things to Consider Before Hardscaping?

Hardscaping a yard isn’t something to rush into; it takes careful planning based on your likes and dislikes, your yard and its surroundings, the natural landscape, and how you plan to use the features in your yard.

The fall might not be a perfect time for everyone to hardscape. If you’re thinking about starting your hardscape earlier or later in the year, you might run into a few challenges along the way.

Here are a few important considerations for homeowners who live in the Asheville area:

How Can Asheville Weather Affect My Hardscaping Plan?

Although Asheville has relatively mild weather patterns throughout the year, it can – and does – still get wet and warm. In late spring and throughout the summer, bouts of rain and a lot of warmth can make the ground extremely moist and muddy. This creates a challenge for the proper placement of hardscaping elements, like bricks and stone, which need a sturdy and reliable foundation.

What Kind of Condition Should the Ground Be In?

A firm – not too soft or hard – ground is perfect for hardscaping, which is why drier conditions tend to work well. Soil should also have been tested within the last three years to learn its pH level, which can determine what plants, shrubs, and trees can thrive in your yard. Be sure to test your soil a couple of weeks before you begin hardscaping to allow time for the results to come back.

Am I Finished Using My Outdoor Area for a While?

We know you want to take advantage of nice weather while it lasts, which is often even through the fall in Asheville! If you usually spend a lot of time in your yard during the fall months, you might need to consider alternative times to hardscape your yard.

Spring could be a better option for you because the ground will start thawing from the winter and it gives you enough time to get the bulk of a hardscaping project completed before summer hits and you want to use your new outdoor area.

What Trees and Shrubs Do I Want to Include?

Another reason that fall is ideal for hardscaping is that your natural landscape is mostly still intact. You’ll be able to see how your hardscape design fits into the yard you have and its natural elements, allowing you to consider what you might want to add. Once winter hits, you’ll need to wait until plants bloom again in the spring to take advantage of this visualization.

Several trees and shrubs also fare well when you plant them in the fall in Asheville. Have them ready to go as you install your hardscape to weave everything together naturally and avoid missing optimal planting times.

Do you need help planning and executing your hardscape? We’re seasoned experts in the hardscaping business and can assist you in transforming your vision to reality. Contact us today to learn how Ambrose Landscapes can hardscape your Asheville yard!

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