The Best Hardscape Design Ideas for Small Backyards

There are many possibilities when it comes to upgrading the average backyard area. Natural stone hardscaping is a great option for large and small backyards alike, as it has the potential to transform the area into something both practical for use and magical to look at. The beauty and functionality of natural stone make this type of hardscaping a popular choice among homeowners to create the perfect backyard atmosphere.  

Why is Hardscaping a Good Idea for Small Backyards?

Many homeowners believe they need a considerable amount of space to take advantage of landscaping and hardscaping services. However, even small backyard areas can be improved drastically with the proper use of landscaping and hardscaping techniques. Hardscape ideas for small backyards can maximize your use of the area and add a touch of character and style to any outdoor space. The hardscape contractors at Ambrose Landscapes can transform backyards of any size through the use of natural stone hardscaping. 

How to Design a Backyard Hardscape

When designing a hardscape for small backyards, keeping the space as open as possible is key. At Ambrose Landscapes, stonework experts are dedicated to making their clients’ visions into realities. Utilizing stone is a great way to add beauty to your space while still keeping things simple and natural-looking. Adding vertical elements is also a great option for keeping hardscaping simple in small backyard areas. Pondless water features and natural stone walls both take advantage of vertical space in small backyards and are eye-catching and tasteful hardscaping options. 

How Do You Landscape a Small Backyard?

Homeowners who have small yards commonly wonder how to landscape a small yard. Coming up with landscaping ideas for small backyards can be a little tricky, but when done correctly can improve the area significantly. Hardscaping may be smarter than typical landscaping for small areas as it requires less maintenance, and the amount of space taken up by your hardscapes is constant, as opposed to plant life which grows over time. If having plants is important to you when working out the design of your backyard space, integrating both landscaping and hardscaping is a great option for a lush and beautiful area. 

How To Landscape a Narrow Backyard

When landscaping or hardscaping a narrow backyard space, taking advantage of the vertical space you have available is vital. Trees with high foliage and tall, thin shrubs are commonly recommended for narrow areas. When it comes to hardscaping, installing stone walls is a great suggestion for narrow areas, as it utilizes the vertical space you have while leaving your already narrow space as open as possible. Ambrose Landscapes specializes in natural stone hardscaping, including natural stone walls that would be perfect for a narrow backyard setting. 

Hardscaping and Landscaping Ideas for Small Sloped Backyards 

Getting the most out of a sloped backyard can be difficult, especially in areas where the ground is particularly uneven. Sloped yards can even become hazardous in rainy, wet conditions. Luckily, contractors at Ambrose Landscaping have considerable experience with steeply sloped yards and the other mountainous outdoor conditions of Western North Carolina. Adding a walkway or set of stairs to the area can make the area easier to move around while also adding visually interesting elements to the location. Stone stairways are both functional and durable, requiring little maintenance to look beautiful year-round while keeping your backyard’s appearance natural.

Hardscaping and Landscaping Ideas for Small Square Backyards 

When hardscaping square yards, keeping things open and organic in appearance can help soften the edges of the area. Ambrose Landscapes specializes in natural stone signs, walls, and even porches that may look idyllic in a square yard setting. No two stones look the same, providing a one-of-a-kind addition to small backyard areas. 

Hardscaping and Landscaping Ideas for Small Townhouse Backyards 

Many townhome owners wonder how they can improve their backyards. While most townhouse backyards are small in size, they can still stand out with a few tasteful additions. Adding a stone fireplace or raised beds for plant life efficiently utilizes space in small areas. With Ambrose Landscapes, you can rest assured your small townhouse backyard is set apart from others in the Asheville area through the use of natural stone hardscaping.

Why Choose Ambrose Landscapes for Your Small Backyard Hardscaping Needs in Asheville? 

Ambrose Landscapes is dedicated to clients in the Asheville area. Contractors and stonework experts work with Ambrose’s clients from concept to project completion, ensuring their wants and needs are fulfilled while meeting budget requirements. The natural stone hardscaping by Ambrose Landscaping is guaranteed to be visually appealing, sustainable, and able to stand the test of time. 

When you are ready to start your hardscaping journey with Ambrose Landscapes, call our local office to speak to a specialist and get your project started. 

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