Erosion Control Contractor in Asheville

An erosion control contractor can create a dry stream coming from steep slope road above hidden by landscaped trees.

Dry stream used to prevent soil erosion coming from steep slope road above that is hidden by landscaped trees. (2007)

Stormwater is precipitation — either from Asheville’s rain or snow — that doesn’t immediately soak into the ground. It comes into your property from the clouds or from upslope, picking up pollutants ranging from pesticides and pet droppings to grease, oil, leaves and litter. Without erosion control, stormwater travels:

  • Down your roof
  • Over your patio or deck
  • Up against your foundation
  • Down your driveway
  • Across bare soil areas
  • Through open fields
  • Over your sloping lawn

How it makes its way through your yard depends on how well your landscaping has been designed by your erosion control contractors. If you’re unprepared, stormwater erodes the ground, creating an unsightly mess and a hazardous situation.

When stormwater runs wild, it ends up in the nearest body of water as it creates a path — often a destructive path — through your property. Residential stormwater management is the process of managing this errant runoff. And when you rely on a landscape artist to design your residential stormwater management system, you get both efficient soil erosion control and a beautiful yard.

Asheville Erosion Control Solutions

The first step in fighting stormwater runoff is to maintain or create a great soil base. Healthy, alive, organic dirt promotes soil erosion control. Porous, stable groundwork provides the foundation for effective natural soil erosion control solutions that include:

Stream bank repair for erosion control by a skilled erosion control contractor.

Stream bank repair for erosion control. (2003)

Plants for erosion control

Ambrose Landscapes knows which plantings can stabilize any slope and keep your soil on your property. There are many species of groundcover that grow well in the mountain climate around Buncombe County.

Home residence with reinforced stone corner wall for seating and lighting.

Asheville home with reinforced stone corner wall for seating and lighting.

Dirt erosion control

When engineering designs call for reinforced concrete walls, Ambrose builds to the strongest standards and with the best mixtures. They achieve dirt erosion control outside your back door by using natural stone for double seating or as shelves for rotating seasonal potted plant displays. It’s beautiful, and it works.

Garden fountain to capture water overflow from front of house to the back.

Garden fountain to capture water overflow from front of house to the back.

Water erosion control

Not all water is destructive, especially when you choose to integrate features such as waterfalls and ponds into your Western North Carolina landscape. Turn your problem slope into a design wonder with a garden fountain that traverses several layers or a natural stone retaining wall that combines blooming plants and evergreens with a soothing fountain.

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Erosion Control for Luxury Homes in Buncombe County

Home residence with dry stream garden.

Asheville residence with dry stream garden.

Your Asheville property value is determined by how well all the parts fit together, as well as the durability and aesthetics of the parts themselves. You may have beautiful plants for erosion and water control features that are actually a detriment because they’re in the wrong place.

In the hands of less-experienced landscape contractors, many erosion control solutions are high maintenance or can even be a liability. As expert erosion control contractors in Asheville, Ambrose Landscapes brings a wealth of experience and a slew of certifications and licenses that attest to their ability to look at the entire picture of your property and achieve soil erosion control with maximum efficiency and exceptional beauty.