Innovative Residential Stormwater Management Solutions for Asheville

rainwater dry stream that lines neighbor's yard and leads to creek

Rainwater dry stream on steep slope to prevent runoff into neighboring yard. (2005)

New homeowners are flocking to Asheville and the mountains of Western North Carolina, looking to buy property above, on or below slopes. If you’ve arrived here from another part of the country, as many do, you may not understand the hazards of untamed stormwater runoff. With the assistance of Ambrose Landscapes, residential stormwater management projects maintain or even increase the value of your property.

Urban development in WNC increases stormwater runoff, creating a need for sustainable stormwater solutions. A professional residential stormwater management team can preserve your investment and the integrity of your land.

When permeable land — such as wooded areas and fields — are replaced with housing developments, driveways, roads and parking lots, the water that previously soaked into the ground instead now runs off, leading to:

  • Property damage
  • Loss of aesthetics
  • An ecological impact that’s often difficult to measure

Choose Professional Landscaping Contractors

Stormwater management capture appearing as a natural stream. (2005)

At Ambrose Landscapes, residential stormwater management in Asheville usually involves natural stonework projects in the $4,500-and-up range. Some of the newest, most innovative stormwater management solutions involve capturing water underground for future use, while on the surface it looks like a natural stream.

Stormwater management at its finest with landscaped rainwater garden.

Stormwater management at its finest with two landscaped rain gardens. Awakenings, Center for Inner Healing & Empowerment (2017)

Ambrose can develop plans to make any stormwater capture requirements both beautiful and natural-looking. Many licenses come into play to make sure that your project adds as much value to your property as possible. These stormwater solutions must fit in with the surroundings, so choose a landscaping professional with:

  • Real estate licenses
  • Insurance licenses
  • Naturalist degrees
  • Stormwater licenses
  • Pesticide licenses
  • A host of soil-building courses

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Functional and Beautiful Stormwater Solutions in Asheville

Dry stacked stone wall to prevent stormwater erosion and protect garden.

Dry stacked stone wall to support road above stream and to water garden. (1998)

With an eye toward enhancing your natural environment and your property value, Ambrose Landscape’s Asheville residential stormwater management team guarantees their work to be as efficient as possible. For example, if a reinforced stone wall will not prevent soil erosion any better than a less-expensive dry stack wall, you can use the savings to restore the garden beds with charcoal so they won’t need fertilizer for 2,000 years. When you hire Ambrose, you get more for your money, guaranteed.

residential stormwater management to water your garden flora

Raingarden to water flora in front of deck. (2017)

With Ambrose Landscapes, more means more life. A greater density of plant and animal life enhances the quality of your own. Hard, fast rains are hard to catch in the mountains, but residential stormwater management does just that. Since the best place to store water is in the earth, you can rely on natural stonework projects and waterways that incorporate an abundance of local flora and furry friends to catch as much of that precious water to keep in your soil as possible.

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