Professional Hardscaping as Self-Care

Scientific research shows that spending time outside provides substantial physical and mental health benefits. This has been especially important as we continue to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic. 

Because the majority of people have been staying home more since early 2020, the demand for outdoor space has been higher than usual. Some of the main reasons include working, relaxing, grilling, gardening, playing with pets, exercising, dining, and playing with kids. Participation in such activities aids in the restoration of minds and bodies, which is essential for physical and mental well-being.

If you have been considering hardscaping for your North Carolina home, now is the time to take action. Contact Ambrose Landscapes to discuss your needs and interests.

Creation of Outdoor Workspaces

Working outside in the sunlight and fresh air elevates your energy level and mood. Expanding your workspace also provides a respite from spending time indoors with family members. These are reasons why making your work area more comfortable and efficient is important. 

Adding a pergola or gazebo can create shade to prevent glare from the sun on your laptop screen. This makes it easy to see your display, which reduces eyestrain and headaches that can lower productivity. Shade also stops the sun from overheating your mobile devices, which reduces battery life and leads to performance issues. You may want to install outdoor curtains with tension rods on your pergola to adjust according to the sun and gain privacy from the neighbors.  

Increases in Outdoor Purchases

According to a January 2021 survey by the International Casual Furnishings Association, 58% of Americans plan to buy at least one new piece of furniture or accessories for their outdoor living spaces this year. One of the biggest reasons is because families want their porches, decks, and patios to be enjoyable and functional spaces. Because some of the top goals are relaxation, socialization, and cooking, many of the planned purchases include fire pits, grills, lounge chairs, lighting, dining table and chairs, umbrellas, and sofas. 

Hardscaping Trends in North Carolina During COVID-19

Many North Carolina residents have been focused on hardscaping as a form of self-care during the pandemic. To cut down on trips to the grocery store for healthy foods, there has been a surge in planting home vegetable gardens. This includes putting raised garden beds, planters, and other food-growing spaces into the hardscaping. Water features also are becoming popular this year. Fountains, ponds, and pools continue to be added to yards.   

Talk with Ambrose Landscapes about Your Hardscaping Needs

As you continue to work where you live, you need an outdoor space that fits your personal and professional needs. Let the designers at Ambrose Landscapes make your outdoor living space more functional and comfortable. Talk with us today to get started.

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