Stone Fireplaces in Asheville

As the focal point of your living room or patio, a stone fireplace or fire pit will add a unique combination of rustic beauty and natural elegance to your living area.

No matter the feature you are looking to install, it is important to consult a specialist. Deciding on the correct design, location, and stone pattern for your fire feature will ensure you and your family’s enjoyment for years to come.

Chimney stone wall
Stone firepit patio
Stone firepit patio
Stone fireplace chimney
Stone fireplace chimney construction
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Stone fireplace mantle

What We Offer for Stone Fireplaces in Asheville

Ambrose Landscapes is proud to serve Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of fire features for your indoor and outdoor fire needs. No matter the product, we will help you find a custom design to perfectly compliment the aesthetics of your home and surrounding environment. Safety, beauty, and functionality are our guarantees, as our fire features are made to both entertain, and to serve essential functions. The following is a list of some of the fire features we offer:

  • Stone Fire Pits
  • Stone Fireplaces
  • Stone Chimneys
  • Chimney Stone Walls
  • Stone Fireplace Mantles

Outdoor Fireplaces Vs. Fire Pits

There are many considerations to make when deciding between an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. While both make your outdoor space a year-round favorite destination, they can also serve very different functions. So what is the difference between the two, and which is the best choice for you and your home? The guide below outlines some of the key differences between an outdoor fireplace and fire pit.


  • Typically entertains 4-6 guests at a time
  • Acts as a sort of privacy wall dependent on size
  • Guests face one way
  • Typically requires added seating (chairs/couches)
  • More costly than a fire pit

Fire Pits

  • Typically entertains 10-12 guests at a time
  • Smaller structure does not block views/provide privacy
  • Guests face each other inwardly
  • Optional to stand or have built in seating
  • Less costly than a fireplace

Whether you build a fireplace or fire pit, the romantic and relaxing atmosphere created by an outdoor fire feature is one that is hard to match. It will add value and appeal to you home, as well as hours of entertainment possibilities.

Natural Stone Chimneys in Asheville

fireplaces asheville ncWarming your home with wood requires a chimney. A well-crafted, natural stone chimney will add charm and value to your Buncombe County home for decades.

Because of the numerous shapes, sizes, and colors of stone available, there are no limits to the design of your chimney. You may choose thin, light slabs of stone for a more contemporary look, or large, darker shades for a rustic one.

Building such a chimney is labor intensive work that requires a skilled professional. At Ambrose we know how to design the perfect chimney for your indoor or outdoor space, so that it is not just a chimney, but an extension of your home.

Why a Natural Stone Mantle?

natural stone outdoor fireplacesVery few materials can compete with stone when it comes to versatility in the home. There are endless combinations of size, shape, and color pallets to satisfy any design choice, indoors or out.

Such is the case for a natural stone mantle. Whether you are replacing an existing mantel, or or adding a new one, stone is the material of choice to give your fireplace that extra touch of warmth and charm.

From a simple minimalist design, to custom fireplace surrounds, the right mantel will be the focal point of your living area as family and friends gather around the fireplace for warmth.

Your Fire Feature Experts in Asheville

Although they serve different functions, any fire feature addition will add both functionality, and hours of enjoyment to your living space. As uniquely elegant as they are useful, it is important to trust the landscaper you choose with the creation of your fire feature.

From consultation to installation, we adhere to every detail of your feature. Our certified professionals will ensure that it is impeccable in design, and safe for use. You will be proud to showcase your custom fire feature, and trust that you can safely enjoy it for many years to come.

Click here for a look at some of the different stone patterns we offer to give your fire feature that timeless and unique look.