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Ambrose Landscapes designs and installs natural stone hardscapes for discerning homeowners in Asheville, North Carolina. Natural stone hardscaping enhances the value and beauty of many homes thanks to Ambrose. Yours could be next.

From initial concept to final detail, these natural stone hardscaping projects are done the right way, so they’re as functional as they are aesthetic. Each project — as you can see in the photos below — presents a unique challenge in Western North Carolina. With Ambrose Landscapes as your hardscape contractor, your property can become environmentally sound, perfectly balancing engineering and appearance. Your family’s safety and your residential investment must stand the test of time with every possible protection. After reviewing the following photo portfolios, you’ll understand why it’s so important to hire natural stone landscape contractor who has:

  • The necessary hardscaping company credentials and licenses
  • Years of experience with steep slopes and mountain terrain in Western North Carolina
  • A keen eye for your needs and your goal

Some of the work we do for Asheville hardscaping includes:

And view some examples of our quality hardscapes, below…

Award-winning raingarden for multi-apartment building in Hendersonville.
Raingarden that catches the above vacant 2 acre lot's rainwater to water the plants and then overflows into the city storm drains.
Rainwater overflow diverted around to the back of house with waterfall-like structure.
Glenroy Heights Development with dry stacked curved stone wall to support the roads and organize the natural drainage to protect Home sites.
Glenroy Heights Development with dry stacked curved stone wall to support the roads and organize the natural drainage to protect Home sites.
Glenroy Heights Development with stone wall entrance.
Home residence with raingarden entrance. Plants are watered by criss-crossing dry streams that fill during rains and prevent erosion.
Home residence with reinforced retaining stone walls for driveway with columns wired for lights.
Home residence with stone steps to entrance
Home residence with reinforced stone steps.
2-level stone patio for hot tub.
Chimney stone wall
Stone firepit patio
Stone road sign

Stone Patterns

Natural Stone Hardscaping Contractor in Asheville, North Carolina

Ambrose is proud of the natural stone hardscaping completed for the elderly and the injured. The custom-designed landscaping ideas provide maximum access with minimal risk, such as:

  • Beautiful wheelchair ramps with textured stone for sure footing
  • Pondless streams and waterfalls to eliminate insect risk and drowning hazards
  • Stone landscaping among beautiful natural streams and plants

The plants remain an inviting height all year round for the youngest and the oldest. The grounds are even accessible to wheelchairs, if that’s something that you or your family need. Consider natural stone hardscape design that include pathways, trails and labyrinths that everyone can maneuver through easily to enjoy the natural beauty of outdoor living in Western North Carolina.

Asheville, NC Hardscaping Ideas that Stand the Tests of Time

Ambrose Landscapes caters to homeowners who are environmentally sensitive and aware of their bio-footprint. At the same time, your budget and your goals are held in the highest esteem. This means you won’t receive a reinforced concrete wall where a dry stack wall will do; you won’t get ponds or streams that could pose a risk to animal or people safety.

You will, however, always find natural rock stones landscaping projects that are the safest possible options and rock gardens that work for all age groups. Local Asheville and North Carolina state laws are followed strictly so that you, as a homeowner, are always covered. For homeowners who plan ahead, you can get:

  • Beautiful new landscapes surrounding your home in Asheville, NC
  • Increased value, safety and functionality

Ready to get started? Please contact our office in Asheville, North Carolina today for a free quote.

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