Making the Most of Natural Elements in Your Backyard Design

Natural stone backyard hardscape design is a great way to make the most of the natural elements present within your outdoor area. Natural stone is a durable and versatile material that is able to easily blend in with other elements of your yard to make a seamless and picturesque outdoor appearance, with a number of other benefits to boot.  

Why Should You Utilize Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is an important part of making your landscaping efforts look complete in your backyard. While hardscaping is only one-half of landscaping as a whole, when utilized correctly along with softscaping, many backyard hardscape design ideas can transform a backyard area into a useful and beautiful area to spend your time in. Hardscaping is also composed of the elements of a yard you are more likely to interact directly with, like pathways, patios, porches, and fireplaces. This means that the hardscape backyard design must not only be pleasing to the eye but also functional for use. Natural stone is one of the most common materials used in hardscaping applications. 

What Are the Benefits of Natural Stone?

There are a whole host of advantages to using natural stone when it comes to your hardscaping needs. Natural stone is a popular choice among many homeowners for its sustainability, versatility, functionality, ease of maintenance, durability, and eco-friendly nature. On top of that, natural stone presents a one-of-a-kind appearance, meaning no two natural stone hardscaping elements look exactly alike. 

  • Sustainable: Sustainability is no worry, as natural stone hardscaping materials are always available for any potential additions or repairs that may be required. 
  • Versatility: Natural stone is unbeatable when it comes to versatility. Stones are available in different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors to easily blend into any backyard setting. 
  • Functional: Natural stone hardscaping is also very functional when used within a yard. For example, natural stone walls can provide privacy and limit soil erosion within an outdoor space. 
  • Easy to maintain: Natural stone is easy to maintain material and keeps its beauty for long periods of time. The upkeep required is typically only a good rinse to remove debris after rough weather. 
  • Durable: Stone is an incredibly durable material, able to withstand inclement weather, temperature fluctuations, and remains pristine in appearance for years. 
  • Eco-friendly: Natural stone is easy to replace and very environmentally friendly, requiring no paints or other sealants that may wash off or degrade over time. 

How to Make the Most of Natural Elements in Your Backyard?

There are many different applications of natural stone that can help keep your backyard looking natural. Depending on your preference, natural stone fixtures can be mixed and matched to create the perfect look for your setting. 


If there are areas in your yard where heavy foot traffic has damaged your grass or other ground covers, natural stone pathways may be the answer. Pathways are one of the best ways to keep your yard looking nice by reducing the effect of foot traffic on your lawn in heavily-trafficked areas. Stone pathways look natural while still providing a structural place to walk. 

Water Features 

Many homeowners want a natural-looking water feature in their yards. However, some water features have the potential to harbor insect pests, and standing water can present a drowning hazard. At Ambrose, technicians specialize in pondless streams and waterfalls to avoid both of those issues while still providing homeowners with the water features they desire. 

Gathering Areas 

Most backyards already have open space just begging to be filled somehow. Creating a gathering area for friends and family in your backyard is a smart way to utilize that space. Porches and patios are easily created to spend time on and around. Natural stone provides great structural support and is easy to maintain and keep clean, even on short notice. Other elements can also be added to your porch or patio using natural stone, such as fireplaces, which can be ideal for gathering around when the weather is cold. 

Sloped Yards 

Many yards in the Asheville area have sloped yards, which can be a source of soil loss and erosion, not to mention hazardous to walk up and down. Stone walls and pathways are easily created to provide structural support as retaining walls and provide a textured surface for sure footing when moving around your area. Stone stairways also help make sloped yard areas easier to traverse. 

What Makes Ambrose Landscapes the Best?

At Ambrose Landscapes, our certified hardscaping contractors have over 25 years of experience. Technicians work with customers throughout the entire process, ensuring consumer satisfaction. Ambrose Landscapes also takes pride in our dedication to the safety of our customers. We work to build trust with our customers and make their visions into reality through beautiful stonework utilizing natural stone. If you are ready to begin progress on your yard or other outdoor area using beautiful natural stone with Ambrose Landscapes, give us a call today to speak with our skilled contractors about how to get started. 

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