Landscaping Ideas for Asheville

Living in Asheville means you probably live on some kind of slope. And if you live in the mountains, you likely have some experience with stormwater runoff. That kind of environment requires landscaping ideas to deal with:

  • A driveway that winds its way down to the street
  • A front yard that slopes gently from your porch to the sidewalk
  • A steep slope in your backyard that raises the hair on anyone afraid of heights
  • Countless other types of slopes on your property

Landscaping ideas that target steep slope construction, soil erosion control and the balance between ecological soundness and aesthetic beauty are not common. In fact, Ambrose Landscapes is one of the few professional landscape contractors in the Asheville area to combine residential stormwater management experience with the certifications and licenses to back it up.

Enjoy these videos below of a professional who’s called upon regularly to fill in the blanks for local engineers and builders. After extensive coursework in steep slope design and residential stormwater management, countless hours with local farmers, and using stone landscaping ideas to fit mountain properties, Steve Ambrose has a lot to share with you.

What’s the Difference Between Hardscapes and Softscapes?

Have you ever seen a yard that looks like a chaotic tangle of plants, grass and trees? Or a beautiful stone fountain that’s dwarfed by tall trees? A perfectly-landscaped yard is made up of hardscapes and softscapes that balance and complement each other. Too much hardscaping and your yard can look sterile. But too much […]

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What is Hardscape Design?

What’s the point in having a stunningly landscaped yard if you and your family can’t enjoy it? Hardscape design transforms a humdrum yard into a private oasis where you can rest, wander and entertain.

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The Future of Water Control and Erosion Control is Returning to the Past

Natural stonework, like that we create at Ambrose Landscapes, that is designed and installed for residents in and around Asheville, is beautiful and natural, and it can be created in a variety of ways, to homeowners’ specifications. But that isn’t even the best part about stonework. How the stone landscaping structures – walls, patios, steps, […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Fireplace?

There is no doubt about it – outdoor fireplaces bring people together in the colder months of the year. Cozying up to the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and good friends makes for a warm, comfortable, and fun time. Having a fireplace built in your backyard can be a beautiful addition that everyone […]

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What Are the Major Types of Stone Used in Wall Construction Around Asheville?

Natural stone is the number one choice for architects, designers, landscapers, and builders in the Asheville area. Using natural stone is a way to convey strength, beauty, and distinctiveness, while constructing functional and practical walls. It offers widely ranging variations in texture, pattern, color, and sizes that can be used to create unique visual impacts. […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Build Stone Steps?

Stone steps constructed out of natural stone are ideal for both front and backyard uses. The natural stone can provide elegance and luxury or a natural and rustic look to your home’s landscape. Whether your steps are to replace the old concrete entranceway to your front door, or you have a sloping backyard that needs […]

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How Much Does a Stone Patio Cost?

Installing a patio offers a great extension to your living space and adds value and comfort to your home. Using natural stone for your patio enhances the beauty and landscaping of your home and yard even further, and it’s generally a maintenance-free addition. While a stone patio can be a major investment, including costs for […]

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Why Use Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls provide both function and form. They can be eye-catching or rustic, sophisticated or quaint, or just about any other adjective you can think of, while performing an important and useful function. They are the perfect solution for property with hillsides and slopes, ensuring that soil stays where you want it, and eliminating safety […]

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5 Reasons to Use Stone Signs for Your Home or Property

While you may not immediately think about stone signs as part of the outside décor of your home, decorative residential signs can be an attractive and unique addition to your home’s style. When you decide to use natural stone signs, you will find that they can be designed to match the look and character of […]

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