Landscaping Ideas for Asheville

Living in Asheville means you probably live on some kind of slope. And if you live in the mountains, you likely have some experience with stormwater runoff. That kind of environment requires landscaping ideas to deal with:

  • A driveway that winds its way down to the street
  • A front yard that slopes gently from your porch to the sidewalk
  • A steep slope in your backyard that raises the hair on anyone afraid of heights
  • Countless other types of slopes on your property

Landscaping ideas that target steep slope construction, soil erosion control and the balance between ecological soundness and aesthetic beauty are not common. In fact, Ambrose Landscapes is one of the few professional landscape contractors in the Asheville area to combine residential stormwater management experience with the certifications and licenses to back it up.

Enjoy these videos below of a professional who’s called upon regularly to fill in the blanks for local engineers and builders. After extensive coursework in steep slope design and residential stormwater management, countless hours with local farmers, and using stone landscaping ideas to fit mountain properties, Steve Ambrose has a lot to share with you.

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