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Hi everybody, this is Steve Ambrose, with Ambrose Landscapes. Today we’re gonna talk about a little topic called art and design. In that topic, there are three main things I want to cover today: form and function, the site, and the fact that designers and gardeners often have to call a landscape contractor such as myself to do their installations, and why they have to call me.

Form and Function

Really, you have to take care of the basic parts of all of your landscaping. And what I mean by that is, the site should determine where things go. You don’t want a big tree next to your house. It’s gonna move your foundation if it falls. You don’t want water flowing over your driveway where it’s gonna erode your second most valuable asset to the house, which is your access to it. And you have to really balance all of these things first. Now, it sounds really boring, but it’s not exactly just Bauhaus type stuff. This still leaves us 15% for all that beautiful twist, and design, and shape to match it just to your property. However, if you make it as beautiful as you want and it sacrifices the value of your house, it’s not worth doing. But you can achieve everything you want if you do function first and then form.

The Site

The second part is the site. The sun pattern is critical going overhead. You have to pick the certain types of trees and plants that will match that site. Also, if you have a very steep site, you’re gonna want different types of root structures to hold it. You’re going to want more evergreens, because they absorb water in the winter, which deciduous trees and plants do not. You’re going to want a different variety. Do you need shade on your house in the summer? Do you need more winter sun on your house? So, the site is critical. And no matter what we do for design, whatever your wishes and dreams are, we adjust it for your site.

The Design

The third is that designers usually call me as a landscape contractor. They do these beautiful ideas, and beautiful designs, and we’ve all seen incredible architecture designs, but does it fit your site? You can do the most beautiful garden bed, but if you put it in the wrong place in your garden, wrong part of your house, it’s gonna ruin everything. Problem with that is, and that same goes with a single plant, if you put it in the wrong place, it’s gonna die. You’re gonna plant it three times until you figure out, maybe you should ask Steve where it should go. This way, it’ll cost you three times as much money, where really, you could organize all this from the very beginning, and I’ll chart it all out for you, and you can see it for yourself.

So, the three main parts of art and design are form and function, how they fit together. You should do function first. Next we adjust your dreams to your site. And the third is, designers call me. Gardeners call me. I love what they do. I wish I could do some of the things they do as well as they do. But they need someone to match it to your site, and that’s who I am.

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