About Ambrose Landscapes

Serving Asheville and Hendersonville since 1993, Ambrose Landscapes has earned a reputation as a knowledgeable and creative designer. Contact these residential landscape contractors when you want to get the most out of your Western North Carolina property investment, protect it from water damage while you beautify the surroundings. Rely on Ambrose to bring landscaping services to new heights.

Why Choose Us

A beautiful Glenroy Heights entrance stone wall and landscaping designed by our team.

Don’t hire Ambrose Landscapes simply because we’re the best. Make the smart choice for what your property needs. Sometimes, it’s not about what you have done; sometimes, it’s about what you haven’t done. Ambrose knows the difference and recommends only what you need in terms of landscaping services.

You can actually save money by hiring the right residential landscaping company for the right job. When your project requires specific certifications and licenses, don’t settle for someone else. Contact Ambrose Landscapes because they’re certified with:

  • North Carolina Landscape Contractors License
  • Blue Ridge Naturalist
  • Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) Certified Installer
  • North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association
  • NC State University Rain Garden Certified
  • Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintenance

Landscape Contractors for WNC

Ambrose Landscapes is a full-service landscape consulting and installation company based in Asheville, North Carolina and serving WNC and nearby South Carolina. Owner and manager Steve Ambrose has been a successful real-estate developer, as well as a landscape contractor. He brings a passion and a talent for landscape design to benefit each of his clients.

Home residence with stone patio.
Home residence with stone patio.

Because they specialize as a high-end residential landscaping company, Ambrose provides an exceptional value that new and current WNC homeowners appreciate. Providing the region with responsive, high-quality landscaping services, Ambrose Landscapes completes projects on time and within budget. As landscape contractors, they:

  • Implement stormwater capture solutions
  • Design and install rain gardens
  • Provide stream repair
  • Recommend native plants

Giving Back to the Community

The front garden at Awakenings, Center for Inner Healing & Empowerment, that used dry streams to capture downpours and enrich soil.

Ambrose created a beautiful landscape for a nonprofit serving people with brain injuries. Throughout 43 acres on the top of a hill, Ambrose created stone columns to support and accentuate the long gentle wheelchair ramps that connect the upper and lower parts of the main visitor center. They installed dry streams that capture downpours and funnel it safely away from the reinforced stonework.

Ambrose landscape contractors restored the soil with many thousands of pounds of microbe-rich charcoal to get closer to the ultimate goal of living soil, about eight billion organisms per spoonful. This allows all the higher lifeforms, such as butterflies, birds and woodland deer to enjoy the property as much as the residents and guests.

Steve Ambrose

Founder and lead landscaping contractor Steve Ambrose has been getting his hands dirty since 1993. A member of many prestigious organizations such as the Bionutrient Food Association, he brings an astute understanding of the delicate balance between form and function to your yard.

Steve also spends his time in classes at the NC Arboretum, the Organic Growers School and Living Web Farms. He continues to give his services to the brain-injury center and volunteers at the Veterans Healing Farm in Hendersonville, where he installed additional teaching gardens in a rose compass pattern. Why is it important to him? To show his family he’s making the world a better place.

steve video screenshot