Isolation as Part of Backyard Hardscaping Strategy

If you have been dreaming of your own backyard oasis to enjoy during the COVID-19 pandemic, hardscaping can help create a paradise for you to enjoy just steps from your backdoor.

Perhaps you want to invite friends and family to come over to enjoy your new backyard but want to focus on isolation and social distancing. It’s possible to work with your contractor to design a backyard paradise with a deliberate hardscaping strategy to keep isolation and social distancing in mind while still making sure that the design is relevant when things get back to normal.

What Are Some Backyard Features I Can Add To Ensure Isolation?

If you’re worried about strangers coming on to your property or just need a sound or privacy screen, add some stonework and greenery to your property border. An experienced Asheville landscaper who knows the climate can recommend the best plants and bushes that can add privacy but also be an attractive year-round feature.

For homeowners who want to shield their backyard activities, a stone wall can add beauty and nicely lay out your property line. Ambrose Landscapes builds unique stone walls for every customer. You can choose a wet stone wall, which requires concrete to hold the stones together, or a dry wall, which relies on friction and gravity to hold it together. Stone walls provide the added bonus of allowing extra space for plants, are eco-friendly, add winter interest, and require little maintenance.

If your backyard’s current makeup features grass, consider adding stone access ways. A unique, large stone patio or walkway will reduce the amount of dirt you track into the house, enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space, and give you room to socially distance outside safely. A stone patio will make visiting with elderly relatives outside safer and more comfortable. If it’s just you and your household members, think of a stone patio as a great place to enjoy a family dinner under the sunset.

Those who plan to enjoy their backyard with just their immediate family members already living in their household, adding a hardscaping feature such as a fireplace can help add isolation. The fireplace’s back consists of a beautiful stone that doubles as a wall between you and any neighbors who might also be trying to be private.

If you plan to have a large group over for outdoor social distancing, create hardscaping features that will allow you to have fun safely. A fire pit can entertain 10 to 12 people, and you can safely spread out their seats.

Plants and bushes also provide beauty and isolation to your backyard. Plants that grow tall can act as a natural and eco-friendly wall. Planting butterfly attracting bushes adds a stunning pop of any color to your backyard and attracts wildlife for you and your family to enjoy.

How Do I Find A Landscaper to Design My Backyard with Isolation In Mind?

If you want to add hardscaping features to your backyard, contact Ambrose Landscapes to come up with your design plan with isolation in mind. Ambrose Landscapes has more than 25 years of experience hardscaping in Asheville, and our team has quickly adapted to the new desires our customers have in a COVID-19 world. The calls for social distancing are hard to predict and plan for. If you plan to sell your home in the future, buyers will jump at a property that already has beautiful hardscaping features to enjoy.

Ambrose Landscapes Ltd. can help you design a unique backyard filled with hardscaping features that allow for isolation and social distancing when you want family or friends from outside your household to visit safely. Your backyard will be designed uniquely to you and your family’s needs, and when it’s done will provide you with a joyful reason to step into your own backyard.

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