Is Your Hardscaping Project ADA Compliant?

Hardscaping adds beauty, function, and even some fun to your backyard or business. While you’re busy dreaming of the ultimate hardscaping oasis, regulations, specifications, and if your project is ADA complaint may be the last thing on your mind.

By hiring a licensed contractor, like Ambrose Landscapes, we will build your unique project to be beautiful, safe, and well-functioning. We are also legally required to make sure your project is up to all codes, including complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.

If you hire an unlicensed worker, they don’t have to worry about these codes, which means you can face extra expenses in the future to modify the project. If someone with a disability can’t properly access your business or gets hurt on-premise, you may also find yourself tangled in a lawsuit if the project is not completed correctly upfront.

What Does It Mean To Be ADA Compliant?

When building stonework, or hardscaping, into a landscaping design, contractors must create something that people with disabilities can use and access with ease to be considered ADA compliant.

For businesses, adhering to ADA guidelines is not just important — it’s the law. Any state and local government agencies, private employers with 15 or more employees, and companies that operate for the benefit of the public must comply with ADA standards. While constructing hardscaping to be ADA compliant, this can mean putting in ramps to access a door around the plants or greenery, or even using texture pavers to help the disabled navigate their surroundings.

For private homeowners, the ADA doesn’t provide guidelines for residential addresses, unless the house doubles as a place of “public accommodation,” such as a doctor’s office or daycare. In those cases, the part of the house that is used for public accommodations much meet the ADA requirements.

Why Is It Important That My Hardscaping Project Is ADA Compliant?

For businesses, Americans who live with disabilities are the most significant and fastest-growing minority group in the country. According to the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research, people with disabilities have a total of $1 trillion in total annual income.

If your business doesn’t provide ADA accessible hardscaping, you’re not only a lousy neighbor and citizen, but you’re missing out on potential revenue generation and breaking the law by denying disabled people access to your public service.

If your business doesn’t follow ADA guidelines, some can file an ADA complaint “alleging disability discrimination against a State or local government or a public accommodation.”

For private homeowners, if someone in your household, a friend, or loved one has a disability, you may want to create a front or backyard oasis that also serves them. You also may want to plan for the future, for when any elderly relatives come to visit and you want a smooth, safe yard for them to enjoy.

Living in Asheville means you likely either have a driveway that winds its way down to the street, a steep slope in your backyard, or other slopes on your property that can be dangerous to your loved ones with disabilities. Creating a hardscaping project that is ADA compliant will help protect your family and anyone with a disability while using your yard.

Why Should I Hire Ambrose Landscapes For My Hardscaping Project?

Ambrose Landscapes has been serving the Asheville area for nearly 30 years.

Our team is known for creative hardscaping and landscaping designs, all backed by a North Carolina Landscape Contractors License. Our license means we need and want to do the project right the first time. Hardscaping projects take time and are a significant investment, so we want your project to be created and completed the right way.

For any project that costs more than $5,000, contractors must present a sealed written contract showing their license number on site. Small contractors likely won’t be able to produce this, but Ambrose ensures all certifications are there for your project.

Our certifications and licenses helps your business or home have the best project that is friendly to people with disabilities. Adhering to ADA guidelines will protect your business from lawsuits and save you money.

We’re happy to supply customer references and photos of past projects that are ADA compliant to show you that the beauty of the project doesn’t need to be sacrificed for function. We create projects that serve each client best and the community.

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