Is Landscaping Worth the Investment?

Everyone wants to have a yard that is aesthetically pleasing and nice to spend time in. Hiring professional landscapers is often the route that homeowners must take to make that happen. While having a landscaping professional design and create the outdoor space you have dreamed of is the ideal way to ensure that you have an attractive view of the space and flora that is going to flourish in your location, it’s often a costly investment. That may leave you wondering whether the expense of professional landscaping is worth it.

The simple answer to that question is: it can be. Hiring a professional to design and install your landscaping is an investment worth making when it is not only beautiful to the eye, but also functional in its design. One type of landscaping that fits that description is stonework that also acts as stormwater management.

What is Stormwater Management?

Stormwater management is generally defined as the effort to capture, clean, and absorb rainwater or melted snow. Essentially, it means redirecting water to prevent it from flooding or damaging streets, yards, and other public or private sites rather than being absorbed into the ground.

Why is Stormwater Management Important?

Not only does effective stormwater management keep landscaped areas from being ruined by water runoff, it also helps improve water quality and safety, as well as preventing soil erosion. When urban development is widespread as it is in the Ashville metropolitan area, there are more and more impervious surfaces being constructed all the time. Things like roofs of new structures, asphalted areas like parking lots and roads, and cemented areas like driveways, keep rain runoff from being distributed evenly over the ground. The water isn’t absorbed, instead it has to find other drainage channels when it flows off of or around the impervious surfaces.

As the rainwater has less natural earth to soak into, it can quickly flood areas ruining existing landscape as it does. In fact, it’s estimated that one inch of rainfall, falling on one acre of asphalt in one hour yields 27,000 gallons of water, according to the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia. That’s a huge amount of water – enough to fill a 20 ft. by 40 ft. swimming pool – that will find somewhere else to go.

Additionally, as water runoff moves over impervious surfaces, it picks up sediment and other particles, pathogens, and chemicals that cause pollution, instead of being naturally filtered by the soil. That contaminated water then makes it into nearby streams or lakes untreated, making it potentially dangerous to the environment.

Soil erosion is another by-product of rainwater runoff. As water attempts to drain, it is concentrated into channels where it picks up speed and force. This causes surrounding soil to be carried away to wherever the water pools or is finally able to soak into the ground.

Effective stormwater management can prevent all of these things from happening. Instead, landscaping is designed to channel the rain runoff to locations with better drainage – ideally, areas with native vegetation.

Why Choose Stonework as a Landscaping Feature?

Now that you have a better understanding of what stormwater management is and why it’s important, you can focus on how to integrate the aesthetic with the functional. Incorporating stonework provides you with that combination. When you use stonework as part of your landscaping, your patio, yard, and other outdoor areas become an extension of your living space. It provides beauty, value, and peace of mind that you are not only preserving water, but also wildlife and the environment. Whether you are considering stonework for pathways, patios, fireplaces, steps, or walls, there are many benefits you’ll enjoy besides stormwater management, such as:

  • Durability – stonework endures the wear and tear of the outdoors including rain, snow, and heat
  • Eco-friendly – using natural stones
  • Stability – stonework is less likely to shift or move due to moisture or frost
  • Flexibility – design possibilities are endless, making it easy to add-on additional stonework to existing landscaping
  • Curb appeal – stonework ages wonderfully, without fading or breaking
  • Adds value – increases the value of your property with its natural elegance
  • Variety – stonework comes in all shapes, sizes, and textures
  • Requires little maintenance – easy to clean and maintain

You can see that incorporating stonework into your home’s landscaping means that you can feel good about your investment while enjoying the natural beauty it provides.

Final Thoughts

Professional landscaping that is designed with stormwater management in mind is a sound investment. When it is paired with the beautiful stonework that Ambrose Landscapes is known for, it will improve the value and appearance of your home while preserving local flora, wildlife, and money you would otherwise spend on watering your plants during drier seasons.

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