How To Make Your Lawn Healthy, Lush & Gorgeous!

make lawn healthy

Today we’re gonna be talking about something that’s seemingly really simple, but it’s a lot deeper than you think. Grass. Lawns. Everybody has some, or at least a little bit, or a friend who has. There’s three main things. The first one is soil, second is length, and the third is really more the type of grass.

One: The Soil

Anyway, the soil is critical. Good grass needs 4 to 6 inches of topsoil. Usually, you see the contractors just scalp it for a grass seed and hay. Well, it’s gonna burn out. You really need 4 to 6 inches.

Proper soil should be 50% earth, 25% water, and 25% air, so it can’t be packed down. After you’re done building your house, you’re gonna have to lighten it up from all the heavy vehicles that have been driving on it. Once you get that material established, you’ll need to reintroduce all the helpful microbes, and fungus, and everything else in it that makes the soil alive. Because when you buy the products, they’re very sterilized just to keep weeds and things like that out. So we have to reintroduce them. Soil is critical. If you did nothing else, that’s the main thing to do.

Also for grass. I have to adjust the alkalinity based on what part of the country it’s in. What type of country? How high in the mountains it is? All that stuff. I have to adjust it for your site. I also adjust the site based on sunlight.

Two: Length

The number two thing, which you’ll always see done wrong, grass is cut way too short. Scalped. We’re not on a golf course. We’re not living on putting greens. We don’t need it cut down to a fine hair. Grass should be close to 4 inches long if you can do it. Three and a half, 3 to 4 inches. Now here’s something fascinating about grass length. If you keep it at the right length, it blocks the weed seeds from blowing in and germinating. You’ll have a much more even, luscious lawn if you leave it a little bit longer.

Three: Type of Grass

Number three is the type of grass. Depending on how many hours of sunlight you have on your property, I’ll come check it out myself, but we will change the type of grass that you use on that property. I will mix and match specific varieties for your property. Here’s another neat trick about grass. I have a special seed I use that can germinate literally overnight. So you’ll have grass growing immediately to lock it all down until most grass seed takes a week to ten days to germinate.

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