How Do I Create A Hardscape Retaining Wall Design For My North Carolina Backyard?

Natural stone can create a one-of-a-kind structure in your backyard in the shape of a hardscape retaining wall.

A hardscape retaining wall design can offer you a solution for tricky irrigation or soil erosion problems, as well as added privacy and a beautiful structure to look at.

What Is a Hardscape Retaining Wall?

When contractors propose a retaining wall structure, the wall will help hold soil in place in your Western North Carolina backyard. Typically, Ambrose Landscapes builds retaining walls in Asheville that are gravity walls, constructed to lean slightly into the soil, keeping it in place using the weight of the stones. If a wall is freestanding, it can’t prevent dirt from moving.

Retaining walls can also provide privacy for Asheville homes that were built close to neighbors or have wild animals that wander in and eat your garden.

Retaining walls can be built either wet or dry. Creating a “wet” retaining wall means the contractor will secure the stones with concrete. A dry retaining wall will use gravity and friction to stabilize the rocks and hold them in place.

Do I Need A Retaining Wall For My Asheville Home?

A contractor can design a retaining wall for your property that prevents soil erosion, changes the flow of water, and even prevents flooding during heavy North Carolina rain seasons. One of a stone wall’s most functional features is irrigation. A retaining wall can trap and direct — or redirect — water to help with vegetation.

The retaining wall can also help define areas of your property. If you want to separate the garden from the area your kids play soccer, a stone wall is a beautiful way to achieve this.

If you are considering any type of backyard hardscaping, reach out to a contractor who understands the Asheville climate and terrain. An experienced contractor and landscaper can make recommendations where a retaining wall could make sense based on your property and if it has any slopes or water features.

Are Retaining Walls Ugly?

When thinking of moving soil, mud, and walls, your brain might think “large, ugly structure.” But when working with an experienced contractor with deep knowledge of Asheville’s terrain, a retaining wall can add beauty and function to your backyard.

Stone walls provide beautiful and natural-looking scenery for your yard. Because every natural stone is unique, that means your retaining wall will be, as well. Stone walls contrast the natural North Carolina greenery stunningly.

If you choose natural stone for your retaining wall, you can select different shapes, sizes, textures, and stone colors. If you want your Asheville home’s rustic vibe to carry into your backyard, you can choose rough or weathered stones. In comparison, larger block-type stones provide more of an imposing look. And smooth, smaller stones evoke a homier feel.

A retaining wall can also increase your plant choices. Design your retaining walls to feature flowers, herbs, or other types of plants. Some plants that might not naturally thrive in your Western North Carolina yard can thrive on a retaining wall, such as sun-loving plants that  flourish when they are placed higher.

How Much Does A Hardscape Retaining Wall Cost?

A natural stone hardscape wall will vary in cost based on the type of land your contractor must install it on, how large the wall will be, the type of stone chosen, and the complexity of the project.

Natural stone retaining walls can prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your backyard, saving you money in the long run. Natural stone walls also require little maintenance and are durable.

To truly minimize costs, work with a contractor such as Ambrose Landscapes. Our team has 25 years’ worth of experience in the North Carolina area. We have all the proper licenses needed to complete the project right the first time.

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