Hardscaping Ideas for Spring and Summer in Asheville

Spring and summer are some of the best times of year to spend your days outside. Enjoying the warm months outdoors is easy when you have a beautifully hardscaped yard to take advantage of. Whether you want to add to an already hardscaped area or start fresh with new hardscaping, spring and summer are ideal times to take advantage of your outdoor areas and get some work done. 

Spring Weather in Asheville

Beginning in March, spring is when things really start to warm up in the Asheville, North Carolina area. As the days grow longer, temperatures increase steadily, making for warm spring days and cool temperatures once night falls. Clouds cover the skies on most days in spring, with the sun peeking out on choice days to warm the atmosphere. 

Spring Hardscaping Ideas

There are a number of great hardscaping ideas to take advantage of during the spring. With winter over, everyone is eager to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and improving their outside areas. 


In Asheville, many of the nights in spring are still cool, making fireplaces an ideal outdoor gathering spot for families and friends alike. At Ambrose Landscapes, we are proud to offer our customers a multitude of different outdoor fire features custom created from natural stone, such as fire pits and fireplaces. Indoor fire features are available as well, like natural stone chimneys, stone fireplace mantles, and stone chimney walls. 

Retaining Walls

Throughout the spring, the likelihood of precipitation increases steadily in Asheville. While the rainfall does wonders for the plant life in the area, rain also increases the erosion that occurs in many yards that have a sloped landscape. Investing in stone retaining walls is a great way to mitigate the issue while still keeping your outdoor areas looking natural. 

Summer Weather in Asheville 

During the summer in Asheville, temperatures continue to rise, making for days in the 80s and nights in the 60s. Cloudy days become less likely, with the skies looking clear on most days. Rainfall in the summer also decreases, though humidity remains high in the area. 

Summer Hardscaping Ideas

Summer is the best time to spend your mornings outdoors. The heat makes spending time near the water more desirable, and there are a number of hardscaping ideas that can make your summer even more fun in the sun. 

Stone Patios

Stone patios are a great option for hardscaping in the summer. They provide a perfect place to spend time while still remaining close to the house where you can escape the heat. At Ambrose Landscapes, we use natural stone to create durable, sustainable, eco-friendly, beautiful patios for our customers, which help them take advantage of the perfect summer days. 

Water Features

When the heat outside rises, spending time near the water is a great way to pass the time. At Ambrose, we’re happy to help bring the water to our clients through the creation of pondless waterfalls and other natural stone water features, which eliminate drowning risk and insect hazards while maintaining the beauty and fun of cool water. 

Why Choose Ambrose Landscapes?

With decades of experience, Ambrose Landscapes employs only the best contractors. Our certified technicians work closely with clients from initial concept to finished product, ensuring their wants and needs are met while keeping safety and durability in mind through the use of natural stone. If you have plans to improve your outdoor areas this spring and summer, contact Ambrose Landscapes for a consultation today. 

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