Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards in the North Carolina Mountains

Is your backyard in need of a pick-me-up? The right mix of landscaping and hardscaping can be just what it needs to step out of its shell and become the place of relaxing and entertaining that you know it can be. Together, landscaping and hardscaping offer beauty, function, and convenience to your outdoor space.

Hardscaping is especially popular for landowners in the mountainous areas of North Carolina because hardscaping materials mimic what you’d find in nature. From beautiful multi-colored stones to water features, hardscaping elements intertwine living with nature to give you the best of both worlds, right in your backyard.

How to Hardscape Your Backyard in North Carolina’s Mountainous Region

There are virtually limitless options at your fingertips when it comes to hardscaping your backyard. However, we love these ideas that add a new layer of purpose to your yard:

1. Outdoor Living Spaces Add Functionality to Your Home

From lounging areas to outdoor kitchens, hardscaping can take on several forms in your backyard. But it all equates to one thing: More living space for your home.

Not only can a hardscaped outdoor space become an extension of the living space inside your home when you don’t have internal space to add onto, but it can also make your backyard a functional area for the whole family and your guests.

2. Stonework Invites the Natural Landscape to Your Backyard

One perk of living in this area of North Carolina is that you have a lot of gorgeous materials to choose from that enhance the appearance of your backyard while staying true to the area’s natural beauty.

Fountains, walls, benches, gazebos, and pathways made from stone, wood, and other natural materials offer instant appeal and usable elements in your backyard. Another bonus: These features are usually very low maintenance!

3. A Well-Placed Patio Overlooks Eye-Catching Sights

Adding a patio to your yard can be one of the best options for adding more space to your home and giving you a way to enjoy the views your outdoor area has to offer. Hardscaping professionals can design your patio to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for something modest, large, or wrapped around a pool.

Do you have slopes in your yard? That’s not a problem, either. In fact, a patio built over a hill might give you some of the best views possible from your own backyard while making your outdoor space more practical for everyday use.

4. Rain Gardens Control Runoff and are Low-Maintenance

Are you interested in planting a garden in your backyard? If your yard is susceptible to flooding or soil erosion from rain or melting snow, then a rain garden might be your best option.

Rain gardens include a mix of native flowers and shrubs that help collect excess water runoff in your yard and move it back into the ground. These gardens are especially helpful for yards with slight to drastic slopes. The best part is that they require little work to maintain, yet they can be just as eye-catching as typical gardens.

5. Ponds and Fountains Have a Dual Purpose

Ponds, fountains, and other water features give your yard a relaxed vibe, but hardscaping professionals can also make sure they’re environmentally friendly. Retention ponds, man-made streams, and similar features can protect your yard from damage.

6. Walkways Can Be Practical and Eco-Friendly

Any size backyard can benefit from walkways that guide you through a garden, to a play area, or to other outdoor living spaces. Brick and stone pathways help to pull in the rustic colors of the natural landscape and offer incredible durability. You can also opt for permeable stones and pavers.

7. Play Areas Give Kids More Outside Time

Your backyard area can be an excellent place for the kids to get some quality time outdoors – and the playground doesn’t have to be all about the grass! There are plenty of ways to get creative with an outdoor play space. For example, you can make a playground structure with wood and treated logs or frame a sandpit with stones.

8. Garden Rooms are Relaxing and Gorgeous

A garden room is an outdoor space used as an additional living or entertaining space. They can be enclosed spaces but can also sit within a garden area as an open spot with outdoor furniture and some privacy from hardscaped walls. These rooms are perfect for breaking up a large backyard with a functional space.


Our hardscaping professionals know what works best for backyards in the mountainous North Carolina regions. We invite you to contact us today with questions about hardscaping your backyard to see what we can do for your home.

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