Hardscaping for Western North Carolina Weather

The climate in Western North Carolina varies by area because of changes in elevation. Whereas Asheville has a mild climate year-round, Highlands has such heavy annual rainfall that many surrounding areas are considered rain forests. Only two hours away, the town of Marshall is in one of the driest areas of the state. In contrast, Beech Mountain has wildly varying weather.

Because the elevation is one of the main factors affecting weather, it is an important consideration when hardscaping your North Carolina home. Since hardscaping in the North Carolina area can be challenging, your best option is to work with a hardscape contractor familiar with the Asheville climate. The following are some design ideas you may want to consider. 

Why is Hardscaping Important?

Hardscaping in line with the North Carolina weather adds functionality and beauty to your home. For instance, it can fix grade problems that may cause soil erosion, make a steep slope more easily accessible, or create a flat space for plants to grow. Hardscaping also can enhance the flow of your yard or add privacy to it. Additionally, you can extend the usability of your yard by expanding your living space. Plus, hardscaping directs traffic in your yard while reducing outdoor maintenance. These are reasons why hardscaping is a good investment.

Which Hardscaping is Best for When Temperatures Rise?

If you experience long and hot summer months, consider adding a pool to your yard. You can gather family and friends for a break from the heat. Or, you could put stone benches around a gazing pool for a quiet reading area. You also can expand your entertaining space with an outdoor kitchen and covered patio seating area for hosting dinner parties. Be sure to include a fire pit for making s’mores afterward.

What is a Good Hardscaping Option if I Live in a Rainy Area?

Rain gardens can collect and treat stormwater before it runs off into your neighbors’ yards, nearby storm drains, or local waterways. The best plants to include in your gardens are tolerant of flooding and native to North Carolina. These include blue star, swamp milkweed, climbing aster, swamp sunflower, Texas star, blue flag iris, cinnamon fern, and goldenrod. Also, consider using unsealed paver stones for your patios and walkways. They allow the rain to soak through into the ground below. 

How Can Hardscaping Shade My Backyard from the Sun?

A pergola is a stand-alone feature that accents your patio or deck. The square or rectangular structure is a perfect place to include plants or vines to add a unique look and additional shade to your outdoor living area. Or, you could choose a round or octagonal gazebo with a floor, walls, and built-in seating to create the feeling of an additional room to your home. You can use it as an outdoor dining room, living area, meditation or yoga space, writer’s retreat, or reading nook.

How Can Hardscaping Reduce the Impact of Wind on My Yard?

Wind plays a part in erosion. When soil, rocks, gravel, and sand wear down, they can be carried away. 

This can affect your garden, grass, and other areas of your yard. You can slow down the process by adding retaining walls. Because the retaining walls hold the soil in place, it cannot move to other areas of your yard. The retaining walls also help to properly channel and drain water to further prevent erosion. Planting shrubbery, trees, or gardens using retaining walls as raised terraces can help reduce erosion as well. An added bonus is that the beautiful stonework of retaining walls adds depth and beauty to your yard. 

Can Hardscaping Take Place during Snowy Months?

Winter can be a perfect time for hardscaping. One of the top reasons is because it protects your landscape. Since grass, plants, and shrubs are dormant in cold months, they are impacted less during the process. Another reason is that hardscaping serves as a focal point for your lawn. Although you cannot admire flowers and plants during the winter months, you still have something attractive to admire. Even better, you can enjoy your hardscaping during much of Winter. Because the weather tends to be mild, you and your family can use your fire pit, patio, or arbor longer. You may decide to add a bench, pergola, or trellis to get ready for more hardscaping when Spring arrives.

Make Ambrose Landscapes Your Choice for Hardscaping  

No matter what the climate is around your Western North Carolina home, Ambrose Landscapes can fill your hardscaping needs. The designers are ready to customize the hardscape design you want to provide enjoyment for you and your family long into the future. Contact the experts at Ambrose Landscapes to get started.

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