Hardscaping Expensive in Asheville?

Installing hardscapes, like patios, walls, and outdoor fireplaces, provides great additions to your outdoor living space, as well as adding value to your home. Of course, there can be quite an investment required to have hardscaping features constructed, including the costs of designing, materials and labor. However, you’ll find that the investment is often one that’s more than worth it in the long run. 

How Expensive is Hardscaping? 

When you make changes or add to your home or yard, there’s going to be a cost to do so. Having hardscapes installed is no exception. The cost of hardscaping can vary widely depending on the design and construction that you choose. Your decisions you make about these and other factors will affect the overall cost of the hardscapes you have added to your home. These decisions will also impact the overall value and benefits you’ll get for your investment. 

There are multiple factors that impact the cost of hardscaping. The size of the project and the conditions of the location where it will be installed are two factors that can have the biggest impact on the cost. Installing a large patio with walkways and steps to your back yard is obviously going to be more expensive than adding a small fire pit to an existing patio. But size and location are not the only considerations to be aware of as you think about your hardscaping project. Here are some of the other factors to consider: 

  • Design – The complexity of the project’s design is one factor that will affect the overall cost of the installation. Intricacies in the design (for example, complicated patterns, curves, or other complex design features) will add to the cost as they will require more time and attention during the installation. 
  • Materials – The type of materials that are used for the hardscaping project can have a huge affect on the overall cost of the addition. When deciding on the type of material for the project, keep in mind that some materials, like natural stone, are more expensive, but will provide a more beautiful aesthetic and require far less time and money for maintenance over time. 
  • Quality and type of the location – Where your hardscaping will be located and what the area is like (the quality of the soil, layout of the area, etc.) are also factors that can increase the cost of the project. For example, if the area is sloping or uneven, it may cost more to prepare the ground for the installation. While that may add to the cost, it’s very important that the structure is built on firm ground that won’t shift or wash away when it rains. Making sure that the area is properly prepared will reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance in the future. It will be worth the added expense long-term. 

Natural Stone Hardscaping is a Flexible Option 

Using natural stone for hardscaping at your home can be a large investment, but it’s an option that can be adapted to fit a quite a range of budgets. The type of stone that is used can vary in price, so less expensive options can be used. However, if you have fewer budgetary limitations, then you’ll have more options for the types of stones and designs used for the project. Natural stone is available in various sizes, colors, and textures, which means that a larger budget will provide a greater list of choices in what your hardscaping will look like. As you consider the budget for hardscaping and make decisions about materials, keep in mind that using natural stone is a low-maintenance option. You’ll likely have to spend very little for maintenance or repairs on natural stone hardscaping in the years to come. The extra investment you make up front can pay for itself over time. 

Final Thoughts about the Value of Hardscaping in Asheville

Having hardscape features installed in your yard, especially those that are built using natural stone, will definitely add value to your home – not only monetarily, but also in the enjoyment and beauty you and your family will receive from them. It’s an investment worth making. 

Hardscaping with natural stone is what Ambrose Landscapes does. We design and install hardscape features that provide our clients in Western North Carolina with years of use, enjoyment, and very low maintenance costs. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service while keeping your specific goals and needs in mind in the design and installation of hardscapes to your home. Our experts can design the perfect additions to your landscaping, and then construct them to your liking using durable materials. Our experience and know-how ensure that the hardscapes you choose will enhance your home for years to come. 

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