Garden Design and Hardscape Construction in Asheville, NC

After a year of staying home and spending as much time as possible safely outdoors, North Carolina residents crave an outdoor paradise to make life feel a little normal.

Create your own Asheville backyard paradise by working with a landscaping company that designs and constructs hardscaping in your garden.

When people envision Western North Carolina, they often see luscious greenery and mountains, but when it comes to your own backyard, hardscaping can create the entertaining masterpiece you want. 

What Is Hardscaping Garden Design?

Hardscaping garden design encompasses everything from a stone patio to a one-of-a-kind stone fireplace or fire pit. Hardscaping is unique stonework in your backyard and can be considered part of the landscaping design but isn’t grass, flowers, or trees.

One of the many benefits of hardscaping is it creates a smooth walking path or entertainment spot for you and your visitors. Natural stone also makes a one-of-a-kind design that will help your backyard stand out to guests or prospective buyers one day if you plan to sell your home. 

How Do I Design A Hardscape Garden?

To create the perfect backyard oasis featuring hardscape design, you will want to work with a contractor who has all the proper licenses and credentials, as well as a deep knowledge of the Western North Carolina terrain and climate. The Asheville area is known for rain, mud, and slopes, so it’s essential to consider these weather elements in your design.

At Ambrose Landscapes, we bring years of experience and all the necessary credentials to your project and will stay focused on your needs, wants, and goals for your backyard. 

What Type Of Features Can I Incorporate Into A Hardscape Garden?

With the help of your contractor, your backyard hardscape design can include functional features such as a walking path, stone stairs, or a wheelchair ramp. Natural stone can also compliment any streams on your property but be added as a safety feature. 

If you have an eye for entertainment, we can design hardscaping features such as a fire pit, stone fireplace, or patio to allow your guests to gather safely.  

Stone fireplaces command attention in your backyard and provide seating, warmth, and entertainment for four to six people. The fireplace can double as a privacy wall from neighbors or the street. 

Stone fire pits can be used when you and 10 to 12 guests are standing or seated. Firepits tend to be smaller and don’t obstruct any views. They also cost less than fireplaces. 

Fire Pits and fireplaces create a romantic and intimate feeling in your backyard, regardless of the weather in Asheville. 

How Do I Take Care Of Backyard Hardscaping?

Once the contractor completes your project, your maintenance to care for natural stone will be minimal. Washing it down with water from your hose when necessary will be enough to keep your backyard looking dazzling.

In addition to minimal cleaning, you will not need to repair any cracks or wear; natural stone is built to last. 

How Much Does It Cost To Design And Construct A Hardscaped Garden?

In Western North Carolina, how much you will pay to design, construct and install a hardscape backyard will depend on the size of your backyard, its current condition, how much stone will be used, the type of ground Ambrose Landscapes will install the project on, and your overall design goals. 

If you want minimal grass in your backyard, the project will cost more to lay more stone. If you want a small stone path, that will cost less than an entirely natural stone patio. The more complex the project, the more expensive — and beautiful — it will be. 

When comparing materials, you may find some such as concrete, natural wood, or brick, cost less than natural stone; however, natural stone will pay for itself over time. Concrete can crack and will need maintenance, but the low maintenance and long-lifespan of natural stone will help you pay less in the long run. 

Ambrose Landscapes will provide you quality design at an affordable price for the exquisite features you’ll be adding to your backyard. Your design goals, safety, and incorporation of all of these features into the North Carolina terrain are what we do best.

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