Front Yard Hardscape Design Ideas for Asheville

You can tell a lot about a home and its owner by the front yard. It’s the first impression of the home that visitors get. A front yard’s design can clue you into the tastes, preferences, creativity, and practicality of the owner. Hardscaping your front yard allows you to create the image you want visitors and passersby to get when they look at your home. Hardscaping features can be both beautiful and practical, providing you with form and function.

Not sure where to start with front yard hardscaping? Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of design ideas for you.

Types of Front Yard Hardscape Designs for North Carolina


Whether you are looking to have a walkway installed that goes directly from the street or sidewalk to your front door, or a walkway that curves along natural paths amongst the plants in your front yard, this type of hardscape will instill a sense of welcoming for visitors, while serving the more practical function of keeping people from trampling your plants or flowers. Walkways can be designed in many ways and constructed out of various materials, to your liking.


The driveway is an essential part of the home and it’s often near enough to the front yard to be considered a front yard hardscape. Typically, the driveway is the most used entrance to your home, so its design and look shouldn’t be ignored – it can be far more than simply the means to pull your car in. Driveways constructed with natural stone offer a unique, upscale, and durable option, that is much more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt or concrete.

Raised Flower Beds or Garden

Raised flower beds and gardens can be beautiful additions to any front yard. Not only are they pleasing to look at, they can serve an important functional purpose as well. Issues like poor soil can be solved with the right kind of raised flower beds. They also help keep people and animals from damaging plants and flowers.

Retaining Walls

The purpose of a retaining wall may be purely structural, a need to hold or retain the soil behind it, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t be a gorgeous, eye-catching part of your front yard design. Natural stone retaining walls can add a sense of nature and beauty while still achieving their main purpose.

Front Porch

A porch at the front of your home makes the transition from the yard to your house softer and more natural. Making the porch a cozy and welcoming space for you to welcome your visitors will not only improve the look of your front yard but also increase the value of your home. You can opt for a smaller, nook-like porch, or spread it out to be large enough to create a place for seating that allows you to enjoy looking out over your front yard.


You may want to create divisions or borders in your front yard. Doing so is simple with stone edging. You can use edging to create unique and appealing borders around flower beds, trees, or other landscaping. This can create a visual emphasis without minimizing the natural look of the yard. Edging can also be a useful and attractive way to indicate your property line.


If your yard is sloped, adding steps is a natural choice. Whether you use steps as a path to your front door, or in other sloping areas of the yard, they can be a great enhancement to the structural integrity of your yard when they are put together with retaining walls. They will also be an addition to the overall look of the front yard, so the materials that are used to create the steps should be chosen for both durability and appearance.

Final Thoughts about Front Yard Hardscaping in Asheville

Having hardscape features installed in your front yard will add curb appeal and value to your home, as well as provide you and your family with the enjoyment and beauty of the yard. At Ambrose Landscapes, we can design and install the hardscapes you are looking for using durable and versatile natural stone.

We are committed to giving our customers the best service while always keeping their needs and goals in mind during the hardscape designing and installation processes. Our experts can design the perfect hardscape features for your front yard, and then build them to your liking. Our dedication and experience will ensure that the front yard hardscapes you choose will enhance your home for years to come.

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