Extend Your Outdoor Living Space with Stone Walkways

If you’re a homeowner who’s looking to extend your outdoor living space, adding a professional hardscape is a great way to do it. One addition that will stretch out your living space and make good use of your backyard is an attractively designed walkway. A walkway is functional, it enhances the overall look of your property, and it connects different areas of the yard together. Whether it’s a pathway from your patio to the garden or a footpath from your back door to the pool, a walkway will tie design elements of your outdoor living space together and provide form and function. 

Do You Need a Professional Hardscape Company for a Walkway? 

The best way to ensure that your vision for backyard walkways comes to life is to hire a professional hardscape company. With a professional, you can rest assured that the entire process will be done right from the start.

A professional designer, especially one from Asheville who knows the climate and terrain, will have knowledge that you don’t. If you have to deal with uneven land, rainy seasons, and the like, you want to have an expert on what works and what won’t. The designer will be able to look at the area and know whether certain design elements can be installed into the allotted space without interfering with other elements on the property. Additionally, he or she will be able to make informed recommendations that will create the overall aesthetic you want. For example, your designer may suggest some design elements made to look as if they naturally blend in with their surroundings. 

After you’ve decided on a design, your designer will help you determine which materials you want for the walkway project. There are several different hardscaping materials that are used to create pathways, including bricks, concrete, and pavers. However, natural stone is a prime choice for creating a beautiful and functional addition to your property. Natural stone is low-maintenance, durable, and comes in many different sizes, textures, and colors. It provides a look that complements nature, no matter what type you use. 

One thing that is often overlooked in walkway designs is what to do with the surrounding areas. There are landscaping, lighting, and other enhancements that a professional designer may recommend because he or she will have a vision of the finished look of the space long before the stone ever touches the ground. 

If you have big dreams of working outside on your own property, nothing makes them possible more than a walkway. It can be your Appian Way that frees up every size possibility. Simply put, a stable and level path allows enormous items to be moved easily. Any wheeled conveyance you choose will easily be moved anyplace you desire. You want to be a gardener, reader, relaxer, or artist, not a porter. Spend your time and energy on the installation and enjoyment, not getting the materials there. You won’t have to settle for slightly less than the perfect sized anything.

All sorts of materials can be used to make a stable gentle path or walkways. The key is to maintain their stability by building in protective drainage. This will help determine naturally where to place your next projects such as flower beds or vegetable gardens. Once your waterways are determined for both watering and drainage, the rest of your projects arrange themselves. If you really want to do most of your outdoor space yourself, Ambrose Landscapes would love to help you with the fundamental hardscape investment that opens up every possibility and efficiency to you.

Choose Ambrose Landscapes for Your Asheville Home 

Your outdoor living space should reflect your personality, and it should provide the feeling that you want, whether you are relaxing alone or entertaining guests. From simple, rustic styles to elegant contemporary looks, natural stone is a material that will enhance the beauty and value of your home now and for years in the future. 

If you’re ready to discuss your vision with a professional designer and hardscaper, Ambrose Landscapes is here to help. We can help you achieve your vision for walkways or any other hardscaping features. Our designers are knowledgeable about the Asheville area and can work through or around climate and terrain challenges. And our stoneworkers are true artists that will bring your vision to life. Contact us today for a consultation to talk about your project.

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