Enhance Your Landscaping with Hardscapes

Landscaping is an important element of your Asheville home. Your trees, flowers, shrubs, and lawn help make your home look pleasant and inviting.

One way to add even more dimension to your yard is by hardscaping. Hardscapes are solid features that provide structure, visual contrast, and practical benefits for your yard. These features may include retaining walls, fire pits, stairways, and walkways.  

When deciding which hardscapes to add to your North Carolina home, make sure they blend with your landscaping. This provides a foundation to fully develop your outdoor space.

If you need ideas for hardscapes that can enhance the beauty of your yard and increase the value of your home, get in touch with Ambrose Landscapes. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your yard brings you joy long into the future.

How Can You Separate the Areas of Your Yard?

Natural stone edging creates clean, distinct lines between your grass, flowerbed, and other parts of your yard. This keeps the areas contained while adding beauty to your space. The mulch from your flowerbed won’t scatter onto your lawn.

Natural stone pavers come as pre-cut slabs that can be fitted together like puzzle pieces to create a paved area. This shows where people should be walking in your yard. The stones come in a wide selection of hues to blend with the rest of your landscape.

If you have a mountain home, your yard may include lines of evergreens, geometrically placed plants, and gravel-filled beds. These can blend with natural stone pathways, patios, and steps to reflect the symmetry and balance of your home.

Plants native to North Carolina create a natural way to reduce erosion and minimize maintenance. Combining your plants with retaining walls can further protect and enhance your yard. Allowing for space between your walls helps soften their appearance.

Courtyard walls can create a boundary between you and your neighbors. This increases your privacy while sitting, talking, cooking, or eating outdoors.

Which Types of Hardscapes Can Extend Your Time Outside?

Enjoying sunny days in your Asheville yard can be more manageable with shade structures.

You may prefer to shade your patio, deck, sitting areas, garden, or walkways with the latticed structure of an arbor or pergola. You can add creeping vines along the columns and beams or even install a shade sail for additional protection from the sun.

Or, you might like a pavilion, covered porch, or gazebo instead. The more you are able to enjoy your property, the more valuable it becomes.

Why Use Natural Stone for Hardscapes?

Natural stone is durable enough to last through the changing North Carolina climate. The stone can withstand extreme weight, temperature variations, and heavy rainfall or ice.

As one of the most versatile building materials, natural stone is stable enough to be used as a patio, steps, or walkway. It also is heavy enough to serve as a retaining wall around trees and flower beds. Plus, the stone is heat-resistant enough to contain a fire pit.

Natural stone’s attractive colors and patterns blend well with your landscaping. Whether you desire a natural, rustic look or a modern, minimal one, natural stone is the best material to use. You can choose among limestone, granite, flagstone, marble, sandstone, slate, or other natural stones to create a uniform look throughout your garden and yard.

Which Types of Natural Stone Commonly Are Used for Hardscapes?

Decomposed granite is an excellent choice for walkways, flower beds, and patios. The stone comes in different shades of red, green, gray, and brown. This helps it blend with your other hardscape materials.

Solid stones come in different sizes and colors. They can be arranged in a pattern to create a dynamic focal point.

Loose stones tend to be used primarily for paths and walkways. They also are ideal for garden borders or patios.

How Can Hardscapes Increase the Value of Your Home?

Because hardscaping adds curb appeal, it can increase your home’s value by as much as 20%. Having a pleasant appearance is important if you ever decide to sell your North Carolina home. 

If you spend lots of time outdoors, consider a patio or deck to extend your living space. You also might want an outdoor kitchen, barbeque, or fire pit to cook and eat outside.

You could have a pond or reflection pool to encourage calm and relaxation. These elements make visitors take notice.

Get In Touch with Ambrose Landscapes for Your Hardscaping Needs

Increase the value and aesthetics of your Asheville home by blending natural stone hardscapes with your landscaping. The variety of available shapes, sizes, and hues is sure to blend with your already existing yard. Contact us today to get started.

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