Driveway erosion control options around Asheville

The pitter-patter sound of the usual Asheville rain may sound comforting to your ears, but when it starts eroding your driveway, it will be a big headache.

Asheville’s hilly terrain often causes erosion problems for driveways, with the rain and mud sliding and building up at the bottom of a slope.

To fix or help prevent erosion damage to your driveway, Ambrose Landscapes can create beautiful hardscaping and landscaping that serves as erosion control around your driveway — while adding value to your property.

Why Is Erosion So Dangerous In Asheville?

When stormwater or snow doesn’t soak into the ground, it starts running down your property. While it travels through your grass or down your driveway, the stormwater picks up pollutants, pesticides, grease, and oil.

Without proper erosion control, this dirty stormwater can pollute nearby rivers or streams,  destroy soil and grass on your property, or clog drains and sewers.

The EPA lists sediment as the number one pollutant. Erosion control prevents and stops  damage to your property and saves wildlife in the Asheville water supply.

What Are Proper Erosion Control Options In Asheville?

Ambrose Landscapes can create beautiful hardscaping to help control erosion on your property using stone, dirt, soil, plants, and water features.

Dirt erosion control uses concrete or stone in engineering designs to reinforce walls and adequately manage the flow of stormwater.

Ambrose Landscapes favors stone driveways for our clients. A natural stone driveway provides durability and versatility. Stone drives have the added benefits of being beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly. They also add value to your property, and it is easy to maintain.

Unlike concrete, natural stone doesn’t crack as easily and is resistant to Asheville’s harsh weather. Ambrose Landscapes also recommends stone as opposed to the typical driveway material, asphalt. This is because asphalt can become soft and malformed during Asheville’s hot summers. During the cold winter months, when freezing and thawing occurs repeatedly, asphalt doesn’t hold up well either.

In addition to the proper stonework, landscaping your driveway’s perimeter with plants or waterfalls can help stabilize slopes, redirect flowing water, and keep your soil on your property.

How Much Do Driveway Erosion Control Options Cost?

Stone driveways create a unique, visually appealing entrance to your home. Stone driveways have a longer lifespan than other common driveway materials and require far less maintenance than asphalt or concrete.

Because of stone’s high-quality features, it is more expensive than asphalt or concrete. But since the maintenance is lower and it lasts longer, you’ll pay less to keep it up in the long run.

Exactly how much your stone driveway will cost depends on the type of stone you select, the ground beneath your driveway, and the size of your driveway.

What Can I Do For Proper Driveway Erosion Control For My Asheville Home?

To properly control erosion on your driveway, you’ll need experienced pavers and landscapers to design and install erosion control at your home.

Ambrose Landscapes can provide you with a quality stone driveway that also offers substantial erosion control for your property.

Our team can design and install a driveway that helps create your dream property, but with the proper measures in place to control stormwater runoff. In addition to designed and installing the stone driveway, we can also develop the plan for plant and water features that frame your investment. This means you only have to interact with one, trusted contractor.

Ambrose Landscapes’ team has decades of stonework experience, which ensures that you will get the beautiful and unique driveway design and construction that you’ve envisioned, that lasts. We pride ourselves in ensuring your driveway has the perfect structure, is functional, and durable, which means you’ll feel your investment is well worth it.

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