Does Landscaping Help Sell a House in Asheville?

natural stone landscaping

Spending time sprucing up the inside of your home is an essential part of the selling process. While you’re organizing, cleaning, decluttering, and renovating, don’t forget to spend some time outside, too.

The outside of your house is the first thing your potential buyers will see. If it’s not well-maintained, pleasing to the eye, or exciting in some way, a buyer may not want to go any further than your front lawn.

How Landscaping Can Help You Sell Your House

Landscaping is incredibly important in the Asheville, North Carolina market. Buyers expect to see lush greenery and beautiful stonework that blends with Asheville’s landscape. To make the most of your sale, you should consider spending at least some of your staging budget on landscaping. Here’s why:

Landscaping adds curb appeal.

From the moment a buyer drives up to your house to walk through it, they’ll have already gotten their first impression of it. Unkempt shrubs and trees, unmowed or brown patches of grass, and rundown walkways may give potential buyers a negative idea of your home before they’ve entered.

According to a report by the National Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of Landscaping Professionals, 99% of realtors believe that curb appeal is an essential factor for selling a home. Asheville buyers want to see maintained lawns, beautiful grass, stone pathways, and a functional outdoor area.

Landscaping adds value.

Appraisers consider a wide range of factors when they decide on a value for your home, and your landscaping is a significant factor. A decluttered and groomed yard, colorful plants, and a re-paved driveway can give your appraiser an excellent impression right from the start.

Appraisers research comparable properties and complete a walk-through of your home to determine its value. However, part of their determination is also an opinion of the fair market value of the property. A perfectly landscaped home is probably going to get a much higher appraised value than a very similar house without a landscaped yard.

Landscaping adds function.

Your landscaping doesn’t need just to look pretty. It can also serve a purpose for you and your potential buyers, which makes it even more valuable to those looking to purchase your home. For example, strategically placed trees can provide the right amount of shade on sunny days to make your home more efficient in the summer. Or, a rain garden can collect rainwater and recycle it into the ground.

Landscaping Your Home to Sell

Understanding the importance of landscaping your Asheville home is just one piece of the puzzle. Knowing what areas of landscaping to focus on is the other. To add value to your house and appeal to potential buyers, consider the following landscaping tips:

Think about what the average homebuyer wants and needs.

There’s no reason to take out a loan to cover the costs of landscaping. In many cases, a few simple updates can go a long way, especially when you keep your potential buyers in mind. Most people just want to see a maintained, clutter-free space with a few elements that appeal to them.

If your home has little privacy from the house next door, consider planting shrubs or trees near your property line. They can provide a natural fence with a more affordable price tag than traditional fencing. Line your walkway with rocks or low-maintenance shrubs.

Keep it low maintenance.

Buyers may turn away from a home that’s so spectacularly landscaped that they feel overwhelmed at the task of keeping up with it. Simplicity is vital when selling your house. Your landscaping upgrades should be easy to maintain for the people purchasing your home.

Consider using plants that require little to no pruning and water. Not everyone has a green thumb or has an interest in caring for plants, so the lower maintenance your selections are, the better.

Work with nature.

Asheville-native plants make the landscaping and maintenance processes much easier on buyers in addition to blending in with the area’s surroundings. Fortunately, Asheville is home to plenty of gorgeous plant species that look eye-catching in any yard, like Eastern Blue Star and Carolina Lupine, and are easy to care for.

Bringing in a professional landscaper to help you decide where best to spend your money before selling can increase your chances of a smooth sale to the perfect buyer. From hardscaping to landscaping, the professionals at Ambrose Landscapes do it all – and we know what can help you sell your home in Asheville and its surrounding areas. Contact us today for your free quote.

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