Does a Stone Fire Pit Need a Liner in Asheville?

Adding a fire pit to your outdoor living space is a great way to encourage friends to come over and hang out. If you’re thinking about having a stone fire pit installed on your back patio, it’s important to know what a fire pit liner is and whether you need one in Asheville.

What Is a Fire Pit Liner and Why is it Important?

Fire pit liners are sometimes called fire pit ring inserts or just fire pit inserts. They are used in brick or stone fire pits as barriers between the fire and the inside walls. Some liners also have a bottom to keep the pit’s contents contained, making it drier for burning wood and easier for cleanup.

Your fire pit design should include an interior liner made of stainless steel that is installed with the correct amount of air space between the liner and the wall of the fire pit. The liner prevents the stone or bricks of the fire pit from getting too hot and causing issues. Without a liner, the pit’s wall can become damaged from its exposure to direct flame and high heat. Additionally, if the fire pit is constructed using masonry adhesive to secure the stone or brick, the adhesive can get too hot, causing the structure to crumble or deteriorate. A stainless steel liner protects the fire pit walls, keeping them intact and preserving the structural integrity and appearance of the fire pit much longer. A liner also increases the safety and security of those using the fire pit.

Fire pit liners come in a variety of sizes and are typically either round or square in shape. You can have liners custom made if your fire pit is an irregular size or shape. Your hardscape contractor should be able to obtain a liner for the fire pit they install or know where you can get one yourself.

Does a Fire Pit Have to Have a Liner in Asheville?

The simple answer to this question is no. You don’t have to have a fire pit liner to use the fire pit. However, after you have spent the time and money to have your fire pit (and any other surrounding hardscapes) designed and installed and want it to look good and work well for a long time, you need to have a liner. If a liner is not used, the inside layer of masonry should be all fire bricks. They are often white in color and have a much higher heat resistance than regular brick or stone. They are more expensive than regular brick, but essential for maximum longevity.

A fire pit can create temperatures over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. At temperatures that high, the masonry and the material that holds it together can become damaged. Unprotected fire pit walls will break down much faster than those with a liner – especially if you use the fire pit frequently.

Buying a liner is typically a very small part of the labor and materials costs, but it might be the most important as it protects all the others from structural degradation. It also makes cleaning your fire pit quicker and easier.

Why Choose Ambrose Landscapes for Your Stone Fire Pit?

At Ambrose Landscapes, we specialize only in natural stone hardscapes, like a fire pit. While creating hardscapes with natural stone can be more expensive than some other materials, it offers a lot of versatility and durability. Because there are many natural stone options, like the type, size, color, texture, and more, we can accommodate a range of budgets. You can be assured, though, that your expenses upfront will be well worth it in the long run. Maintenance is low, and needing repairs is infrequent.

If you are considering having a fire pit or other hardscape installed on your property, let Ambrose Landscapes help you. We offer knowledgeable and experienced designers, high-quality materials, excellent service, and expert craftsmanship on every one of our projects. We want to design and build hardscapes that endure, and match your vision and your family’s needs for many years to come.

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