Courtyard Hardscape Design Ideas for Your Asheville Home

The courtyard of your Asheville home brings the outside in. It provides an additional layer of privacy while allowing natural light to flood inside your home. Plus, your courtyard can increase the value of your home. This is especially true if the area includes hardscape design. These features enhance the logistics and aesthetics of your courtyard.

Whether you are updating the courtyard hardscape you have or designing a new outdoor space, a hardscape contractor familiar with the Asheville terrain and climate can help you design a space you enjoy coming to time and again. The following are some courtyard design ideas you may want to consider.

Is drainage an issue? Go for a rain garden.

Your courtyard’s unique flow requires the proper design and maintenance to take water away from important structural areas. Lowering the saturation level reduces puddling, mosquito levels, and mud while protecting your property. One of the best ways to manage water flow while maintaining aesthetics is by installing a rain garden. Water-loving plants native to Asheville that have a high tolerance for North Carolina’s flood and drought conditions, such as swamp hibiscus, rush, Virginia sweetspire, and winterberry holly, grow well in a rain garden.  

Looking for more control over water flow? A retaining wall can help.

Living in the mountains means you need additional help to prevent erosion and flooding. This is one benefit a retaining wall provides. In addition to creating structural support for a hillside or other area, a retaining wall can offer a long-term solution to avoid the removal of soil or rock from one area to another. This increases the functional space in your courtyard, no matter the grade of the land.

Are you in need of seating space? Install a patio.

Enhance your lifestyle and boost your home value by adding a patio to your courtyard. One of the best choices for your Asheville home is a flagstone paver patio. The tough, slip-resistant, low-maintenance material holds up well against corrosion and the changing weather. Choose from slate, sandstone or limestone based on your design, texture, shape, and color preferences.  

Is shading important? Build a pergola.

Since your courtyard is open to the sky, you likely use the area in the daytime. This means you are exposed to the sun on warm days. Fortunately, you can make your courtyard more functional by adding a pergola. The shade structure can be installed on the outer edge of a walkway, deck, patio, or another part of your courtyard that needs shade. The columns of the pergola support a grid of wooden beams at the top. You can create more shade in the space below by trailing creeping vines along the columns and beams. Or, you can install a shade sail to make the area even more comfortable.

In search of relaxation? Choose a water feature.

Your courtyard is a place to rest and rejuvenate. What better way to relax than by having a water feature in your space? In addition to its charm, the sight and sound of a cascading waterfall calms your soul. You also could add a fountain to enhance your courtyard’s aesthetics when you entertain.

Want to create warm memories? Add a fire pit.

Extend the use of your Asheville courtyard year-round by installing a fire pit. Gather your family and friends to roast hot dogs, make s’mores, or simply relax with beverages and conversation. Stay warm, have fun, and create priceless memories throughout the seasons.

Need connections between the areas of your courtyard? Include walkways.

Adding walkways to your courtyard guides people on how to move from one area to another. This keeps your plants, shrubs, and other landscaping protected. Choose the shape, color, and texture of stone you like best.

Looking for a fun way to entertain? A pool is the answer.

Like most of your neighbors, you likely enjoy entertaining guests at your Ashville home. One of the best ways to gather everyone in your courtyard is with an inground pool. You can play with your children or grandchildren, lounge around sipping cold beverages and talking, or host an extravagant pool party. Be sure to add inground pool lights for enhanced beauty and a diving board for even more fun.

Choose Ambrose Landscapes for Your Asheville Courtyard Hardscaping

Whether your goal is to add drainage, usable space, connection, shading, or relaxation to your courtyard, the results should cater to your and your family’s needs. This is why the designers at Ambrose Landscapes take the time to work with you to customize the hardscape design you want for your Asheville courtyard. Our team is ready to create the form and function that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Contact the experts at Ambrose Landscapes to get started.

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