Contemporary Hardscape Design Ideas

What Is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary design is the design of the present. This means that contemporary style is ever-changing. This type of fluid style evolves as current styles do and isn’t associated with one particular time. Often confused with modern design, contemporary designs emphasize an aesthetic that feels like it belongs in the present day. Interestingly, contemporary designs may need to be changed and maintained over time to keep up with current trends.

Why Choose Natural Stone Hardscaping?

There are multiple reasons why natural stone is the most practical and eye-catching material for any of your outdoor hardscaping needs. 

  • Sustainability: Natural stone is an eco-friendly, readily available material. Its longevity decreases the need to replace materials, and its abundant nature makes any necessary replacements or additions easy. 
  • Durability: Able to stand the tests of time as well as bad weather, natural stone is the perfect material for outdoor features that need to be durable. This durability will reduce the need to replace materials, saving you money in the long run. 
  • Low Maintenance: Natural stone is one of the most easy-to-maintain hardscaping materials available. After inclement weather, simply wash any debris off your natural stone features to have them look as good as new. 
  • Unique: Each natural stone is unique, meaning your stonework features are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. Your natural stone hardscaping features are distinctive and can bring out the personality of your yard, setting it apart from others in the area. 
  • Customizable: Natural stone comes in many different sizes and colors. Homeowners are able to specify which colors, shapes, and patterns of natural stone they would like to use within their yard or other outdoor space. 

Contemporary Design Elements 

  • Color Blocking: Color blocking is a beautiful way to keep an outdoor space feeling exciting and inviting. 
  • Sleek Lines: Sleek, streamlined designs keep outdoor elements from looking over the top. Stone has the benefit of naturally looking simple and clean, and its ability to be placed in a variety of coherent, straightforward arrangements can’t be beat. 
  • Neutral Color Palettes: Muted or natural-looking color palettes give hardscaping features a more mature feel. Natural stone comes in a variety of neutral color options. 

Natural Stone Patios 

Natural stone patios have become an increasingly popular option for homeowners, as they provide a clean, comfortable resting place to spend time outdoors alone or with family and friends.

Natural Stone Stairs

Many outdoor areas are split into different levels, with different sections of the yard connecting via stairs or a pathway. Natural stone steps are a great contemporary option for homeowners looking for a smooth, sleek transition from one yard area to another. 

Natural Stone Water Features

Water features are a great option for clients who want to add a statement piece with a contemporary feel to their yard. At Ambrose Landscapes, we specialize in pondless fountains and waterfalls, which help eliminate drowning risks and issues with insect pests. 

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Natural stone fireplaces can be a great contemporary addition to an outdoor area. Fireplaces create a perfect setting and evening ambiance for cold Fall and Winter nights in Asheville. 

Ambrose Landscapes for Your Hardscaping Needs 

At Ambrose Landscapes, our trained contractors are ready to help make our clients’ dreams a reality through the use of natural stone. With decades of experience, Ambrose Landscapes is a company you can trust to keep your safety and satisfaction in mind. 

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