Considering a Natural Stone Chimney and Fireplace?

No matter the style, a natural stone chimney and fireplace has a way of touching something unique inside us. Outside Asheville homes, the look of stone is popular because it blends with the earth tones that residents tend to prefer. Design specialists use natural stone to enhance the distinctive features of mountain and lake homes in North Carolina.

Adding a natural stone fireplace and chimney to your property lets you enjoy the unique sights, sounds, and scents outside your home. This provides the perfect setting to stir old memories and create new ones. You always will be amazed by the splendor of your surroundings as you take full advantage of the elevations and views of nature. 

Now is the perfect time to add a natural stone chimney and fireplace to your Asheville home. Contact Ambrose Landscapes to discuss your options.

Natural Stone Chimney and Fireplace Ideas

Because natural stone is harvested from the earth, each stone is unique in character. This makes the look and feel of natural stone unlike any other.

A natural stone chimney and fireplace add value and aesthetic appeal to your Asheville home. There is nothing added to or removed from the stone. It can be natural in shape or carved to your desired fit. Let your imagination go as you decide how your outdoor chimney and fireplace should look.

You have a variety of options when creating your natural stone chimney and fireplace. This includes the type of design, style, finish, and fuel you want to enhance your outdoor living space. For instance, do you prefer sandstone, flagstone, fieldstone, or another type of stone to bring out the natural setting of your Asheville home? Also, would you rather have a traditional wood fire or the ease of a gas outdoor fireplace?

Natural Stone Chimney Design

One of the benefits of choosing natural stone for your outdoor fireplace is versatility. You can choose a variety of natural stones to create a uniform style that complements your walking paths, steps, retaining walls, firepit, outdoor kitchen, patio, and other hardscaping. The stone’s heaviness anchors spaces with a grand, long-lasting feel.  

Granite is a popular natural stone selected for use in outdoor chimneys and fireplaces in Asheville. As some of the hardest stone available, it provides high levels of resistance to heat, staining, and scratching. Because granite is harvested from locations around the world, you can choose from a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures.  

Natural Stone Chimney Installation in Asheville

Factors such as space availability, local building codes, privacy, and wind direction affect how your natural stone chimney and fireplace are built. Due to safety issues and the high amount of intensive labor and skill needed for quality construction, a professional hardscape contractor should build these structures.

  • Your first step is to talk with an expert about which type of natural stone to use for your chimney and fireplace. This includes the shape, color, texture, size, and soundness of the rock available in or near Asheville.
  • Next, talk with the expert about sketching a plan for your chimney design. This must conform with local building codes and restrictions and safety guidelines.
  • After that, a solid foundation for your chimney and fireplace is built. A floating foundation of reinforced concrete is placed on several inches of gravel.
  • Then, your chimney is lined with ceramic flue tile that expands and contracts according to heat and cold. The tiles are mortared at the same time as the cinder blocks. As the cinder blocks are installed, corrugated metal tabs are placed so that they protrude from the outside of the tiles.
  • For the next step, the joints in the wall are broken up. A stone is placed over each joint, and the space between the stones is filled with smaller stones. Overlapping the joints adds strength and stability to your chimney.
  • Finally, your chimney is faced with fieldstone and mortared by free stacking. The joints are staggered to add stability and strength to your chimney. Cap stones are mortared in place at the top of your chimney, and the chimney cap installed.

Your Natural Stone Chimney and Fireplace Experts in Asheville

Adding an outdoor chimney and fireplace to your Asheville home increases both functionality and enjoyment of your living space. Because these features are as unique as they are useful, it is important to trust the landscaper you choose for the creation of your chimney and fireplace.

From consultation to installation, Ambrose Landscapes adheres to every detail of your natural stone chimney and fireplace. Our certified professionals will ensure that it is impeccably designed and safe for use. You will be proud to showcase your custom chimney and fireplace and trust that you can safely enjoy it for many years to come.

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