Cheap Hardscaping vs Professional Hardscapers

Taken aback by the cost of hardscaping your yard? You may be tempted to cut corners with a hardscaping company offering rock-bottom prices. But you could wind up with an expensive nightmare.

When hardscaping isn’t performed correctly, you’re not just left with a substandard patio. You’ll also invite soil erosion and property damage into your yard. And without proper drainage, stormwater runoff will wash away your initial savings with a hefty repair bill.

The truth is, a quality hardscaping service will save you money in the long run. Hardscaping projects performed by licensed professionals aren’t just stunning — they also prevent costly damage and expensive maintenance.

How Can Low-Quality Hardscaping Cause Erosion Issues?

With stunning views set off by the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s no wonder people are flocking to Asheville. And with its mild weather, residents embrace the outdoors as much as possible by installing patios, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

But Asheville’s mountain location also sends gluts of stormwater into properties. An influx of new buildings and roads means less permeable ground for rainwater to go. And if your yard isn’t hardscaped correctly, this stormwater runoff will waterlog and erode your soil.

Soil erosion removes topsoil, uproots plants and spreads toxins, costing you a fortune in repair work.

How Can Stormwater Pollute My Yard?

Asheville’s stormwater doesn’t just swamp yards with excess water, it can also pollute. In its journey down the mountains, stormwater absorbs toxins such as salt, pesticides and fertilizer.

Without effective stormwater management, these toxins can ruin the plants and flowers you and your family enjoy. Leaving you with a large bill to treat your soil and redo your softscaping.

How Can Professional Hardscaping Prevent Water Damage?

Uncontrolled stormwater doesn’t just impact the plants and soil in your yard. More Asheville residents than ever are reporting costly water damage to their homes.

Quality hardscaping projects carried out by experienced professionals don’t only control and collect stormwater. They also create beautiful yards that suit your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Pavers and walls made with porous stone can recycle and guide excess water away from your softscaping. While stunning rain gardens and stormwater ponds catch surplus water in a striking way.

Which Hardscaping Materials Are Better Value for Money?

While planning your hardscaping projects, you may be enticed by cheaper materials like concrete over stone.

But while a concrete slab is cheaper upfront, its maintenance costs outweigh those initial savings. Not only is natural stone porous, soaking up stormwater, but it’s so durable it takes care of itself. Giving you more time to enjoy the good life outdoors.

If you live in Asheville, chances are your yard is sloped. Retaining walls crafted with natural stone prevent water runoff, guide stormwater away from your home and help cover up unsightly pipes and drains.

Using natural stone that’s found locally can mean a larger initial outlay. But local stone also blends perfectly into your surroundings and elevates your yard. A garden that’s hardscaped with beautiful, natural materials will send your curb appeal through the roof.

What Questions Should I Ask a Hardscaping Company?

So, you know that scrimping on the hardscaping of your yard can ultimately cost you double. But how can you tell if a hardscaping company cuts corners and uses low-quality products?

Find out if you’re dealing with professional, high-quality hardscapers by asking some pointed questions.

1.   Do You Have the Necessary Stormwater Licenses and Certificates?

You can save yourself a stack of cash by ensuring the company has the right qualifications and skills to install effective stormwater management projects.

2. Are You Aware of Local Regulations Regarding Stormwater Runoff?

To protect your property from damage, make sure your hardscaping professionals have all the necessary Asheville permits in place and are up-to-date with local ordinances.

3. What Hardscaping Materials Do You Use or Recommend?

Cheaper materials can equal higher maintenance costs, plus hefty repair bills resulting from soil erosion. A professional, quality hardscaper will recommend materials that don’t just suit your lifestyle but also safeguard your property from stormwater damage.

4. What Drainage Solutions Do You Offer?

Hardscaping projects that protect your home and yard require proper drainage plans. A quality company will propose a stormwater and soil erosion project that’s tailored to your needs, yard and location.

Over to You

It’s tempting to save money on expensive hardscaping projects. But selecting a quality hardscaping company doesn’t just boil down to aesthetics. Substandard hardscaping can leave you with soil erosion, water damage and expensive repair work.

The good news is, the right hardscaping professionals will save you money in the long run. They install patios, pathways, retaining walls and stormwater ponds as gorgeous as they are practical. Plus, quality hardscaping professionals will suggest creative drainage solutions that are invisible to the onlooker.

Need a quality hardscaping company that’s excellent value for money? At Ambrose Landscapes, we don’t just design beautiful hardscapes tailored your needs and lifestyle. We also have extensive experience in stormwater management and hold all the necessary permits and licenses for Asheville. For beautiful hardscaping that protects, get in touch.

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