Space-Saving Design for Backyard Hardscaping in Asheville

The size of your property shouldn’t discourage you from creating a beautiful and functional backyard. Even small spaces can be transformed with the proper hardscaping design. Unfortunately, many homeowners believe that they need a significant amount of space to add hardscaping features. That just isn’t the case.

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Gardens Provide Visitors with Tranquility at The Awakenings Center

The Awakenings Center for Inner Healing and Empowerment is an incorporated non-profit public charity that aims to help members of the community with various types of spiritual healing practices. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, the Awakenings Center welcomes anyone who is looking for personal healing of the mind, body, or spirit, with a focus on […]

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The Compass Rose Garden at Veterans Healing Farm

In 2017, we installed a rose garden at the Veterans Healing Farm in Hendersonville to help improve the drainage in an area of the farm’s land that wasn’t a favorable spot for growing. With its raised beds and compass rose design, the garden has grown to be a beautiful and meaningful addition to the property.

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