Best Home Improvements For Asheville Homes

People from across the country are flocking to Asheville for its beautiful mountains, culture, and affordable living.

So if you purchased a fixer-upper in Asheville or want to spruce up the home you have lived in for years, focus on these essential best home improvements for your Asheville, NC home.

What Are the Best Year-Round Home Improvements For Asheville, NC Homes?

A perk of living in Asheville is the beautiful climate you get to enjoy year-round. So focus your home improvements on enjoying that weather — but also preparing for it. 

Choosing hardscaping for your property will help you enjoy the outdoor space of your home year-round. 

A hardscape patio made of natural stone can provide an excellent space for outdoor meals or host a stone fireplace or firepit. In addition, stone patios can help you make muddy land functional and is easy to maintain once installed. While natural stone can be more expensive upfront, the ease of maintenance will make the investment worth it for years to come. 

Work with an experienced landscaper, who knows Asheville climate and terrain, to design a custom fire pit. This feature would keep your guests warm and provide a focal point in your backyard. Your landscaper can help you decide where to best place the fire feature to ensure maximum enjoyment without sacrificing the function of your backyard.  

A firepit can keep 10 to 12 guests warm on a chilly Asheville night, where a fireplace is ideal for four to six guests. 

Fireplaces cost more than firepits because more stone is required, but it can double as a privacy feature in your backyard if your neighbors are close by. Both provide enjoyment for years to come.

What Are The Best Home Improvements For Asheville Homes To Prevent Flooding?

If you’re worried about Asheville’s flooding, your landscape artist can design a stone wall to fence in your property but protect against Asheville’s signature rainwater buildup.

A stone wall can help protect rain buildup that trickles down Asheville’s mountains. Stone walls are an eco-friendly way to landscape your property in a beautiful but functional manner. 

Stone walls provide you with beautiful scenery around your home, but the most functional aspect of a retaining wall is its ability to trap and direct water. This allows water to help with vegetation while reducing the risks of flooding.

When selecting your landscaper, ask for their Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintenance certification to ensure a qualified professional is helping prevent flooding to your Asheville property. 

Where Can I Get The Best Home Improvements For My Asheville, NC Property?

If you’re looking for qualified, experienced landscapers who understand Asheville, NC’s terrain and climate, Ambrose Landscapes brings nearly 30 years of Asheville-based expertise to our design and building work.

We can help design the best home improvements for your Asheville, NC property, complimenting the mountains, creating features to keep you warm in the climate and prevent flooding. Each project will be custom-made for your home with eco-friendly one-of-a-kind stonework.

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