Answers to Important Questions about Natural Stone Fire Pits

When you install a fire pit in your backyard, you’ll quickly find that everyone wants to hang out there. If you’re considering adding one of these gathering spots to your back patio, there are some things that you should consider.

What is the Best Natural Stone for a Fire Pit?

Choosing natural stone for the construction of your structure is a sure way to enhance the look of your fire pit, as well as all the surrounding landscaping features. With natural stone, you have a variety of types and colors available to your fire pit. The design options are endless. Natural limestone and natural sandstone are two options that are good choices for fire pits.

Natural Limestone

Natural limestone is a stunning choice for a fire pit, or even a fireplace. It has a fine-grain surface, that is almost silky. That makes it perfect for settings where comfort is important. Limestone also maintains a moderate temperature, one that won’t get too hot. It’s an ideal choice for seating around the fire pit, as well.

Natural Sandstone

Natural sandstone has a larger grain than limestone, so it can provide a rich texture, with unique patterns, that is still comfortable to the touch. Like limestone, sandstone absorbs heat from the fire pit, but doesn’t overheat.

Both limestone and sandstone are available in different sizes and colors, so choosing either will allow you many, many design possibilities.

How High Should a Fire Pit Be?

It’s also important to think about the overall size of the fire pit. The height and the circumference are critical details to consider. It isn’t uncommon for fire pits to be built too high. People, and even landscapers who don’t have a lot of experience with fire pits, often attempt to make fire pits safer by building them higher so logs or embers don’t escape and so that the fire stays contained. However, that can make it dangerous, especially when there are kids who may lean over the side to roast marshmallows.

Generally speaking, a good height for fire pits are between 18 and 24 inches high. That will keep the fire contained and there’s no need for kids to lean over the side to get nearer the fire.

Which is Better, a Gas or Wood-burning Fire Pit?

When you’re deciding whether to install a gas or a wood-burning fire pit, you have to find out if there are code restrictions on the placement, or if your community has rules about wood-burning devices. If there are no restrictions, then it’s a matter of preference. Some people prefer the ease of having a gas fire pit – there’s no ashes, no smoke, it doesn’t require buying or chopping wood. While others prefer the traditional campfire feel and smell of a wood-burning fire.

If you can’t decide, there are hybrid fire pits that allow you to use wood or gas. With these fire pits, you can get the best of both worlds.

Does a Stone Fire Pit Need a Liner?

It’s definitely recommended that fire pits have a liner (stainless steel) that is installed in the fire pit. The proper amount of space must be left between the liner and the fire pit wall, preventing the fire pit material from becoming too hot. Using a liner on the fire pit provides an additional level of safety.

How Much Does a Stone Fire Pit Cost?

Upgrading your home or yard always come with expenses. Installing a fire pit isn’t exempt from that. Because there are so many different design options and materials available for fire pits, it’s impossible to provide a cost without having all the specifics. Another factor that will determine how expensive a fire pit installation might be, is the size and location where it will be.

Using natural stone for the fire pit will be more of an investment than some other types of material, but the overall appearance, durability, and low-maintenance requirements will quickly make up for the added investment. An experienced stonework professional will be able to advise you on what will work and what won’t, as well as the estimated costs for the design you want.

Ambrose Landscapes Will Design Your Backyard Fire Pit

With the information above, you may be tempted to install your own fire pit. However, when you hire a professional landscaper, like the team at Ambrose Landscapes, you can rest assured that all of the above questions and more, will be carefully considered so you get the fire pit, the safety, and functionality you want.

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