5 Reasons to Use Stone Signs for Your Home or Property

While you may not immediately think about stone signs as part of the outside décor of your home, decorative residential signs can be an attractive and unique addition to your home’s style. When you decide to use natural stone signs, you will find that they can be designed to match the look and character of your home while at the same time tying in the aspects of the nature around it. Whether your home signs are used to identify your family or address, to provide visitors and guests with a welcoming feeling, or simply add to the décor, using natural stone can convey your message.

There are numerous reasons to use stone signs in residential settings, but before getting to that, you should consider the different types of home signs you might choose to display.

Types of Signage for Homes and Residential Areas

Signs can be used for all kinds of things, even around your home. Essentially, you can have any type designed and installed for whatever thoughts, identification, or instructions you want – the possibilities are innumerable. However, there are some signs that are most commonly used in yards and residential areas. Some of these are:

  • Street Signs
  • Address Number Signs
  • Subdivision Entrance Signs
  • Driveway Markers
  • Family Name Signs
  • Home or Property Name Signs
  • Welcome Signs
  • Garden Signs

The above is just a handful of the most popular types of signs that are found at homes or in residential areas, there are many other types that you can have designed and created.

Reasons to Make Your Home Signs with Natural Stone

Once you’ve decided which types of signs you want around your home or property, you have to choose how you want those signs made. Natural stone for signs, and landscaping in general, has become a popular choice for the following five reasons:

  1. Natural stone signs stand out – Natural stone doesn’t look like any other type of signage material out there – it’s straight from nature and a feature of the environment. Your sign will be the only one of its kind, because no two stones are exactly alike. Even before your sign is personalized for your home or family, you can be assured that there are no others like it. It will not fade into the background, but rather it will stand out.
  2. Natural stone signs are sustainable and economical – One of the best benefits of using natural stone for your signs is the simple fact that it’s natural. It doesn’t look garish or flashy, it blends in nicely with the landscaping around it. Even better is natural stone’s eco-friendly aspect – it’s natural, so it’s “green” and good for the environment. The lifespan of natural stone is yet another benefit, and because it can be recycled or reused, it a sustainable material.
  3. Natural stone signs are customizable – While each stone is hard, and you can’t change its shape, when you put stones together to form a sign or other structure, it can really serve any purpose you have in mind. And because stones come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, you can make your sign evoke the feeling you want it to. Whether sophisticated with small, smooth rocks to evoke a quaint or tranquil feeling, or large, block-like stones to evoke a bolder feeling, you are able to achieve your aesthetic goals with natural stones.
  4. Natural stone signs have a lot to say – Natural stone signs convey more than the words or numbers on them to the people who see them. Stone naturally indicates a sense of strength and longevity. The design and materials you choose for your natural stone signs tells a story about you and your home, often giving people an impression of tradition, experience, and stability.
  5. Natural stone signs are ideal for any home or property – Anywhere that natural stone structures are installed, whether residential or commercial properties, will benefit from the extra value it adds to the home or business. Additionally, it doesn’t matter in which style your home is built, natural stone is versatile enough that it will complement it perfectly.

For all of the above reasons and more, you should definitely put natural stone on your list of signage material to consider. If you don’t know where to begin, or you need help designing your sign, let Ambrose Landscapes share their expertise with you.

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